9 Best Sexy Feet Sole Creators To Follow on OnlyFans

What are some of the sexy Feet sole creators to follow on OnlyFans and FeetFinder? We have listed a number of creators that you can follow or subscribe to if you are someone interested to see Feet pics and videos. These Feet sole creators are the best to follow.

Best Sexy Feet Sole Creators To Follow on OnlyFans and FeetFinder
Best Sexy Feet Sole Creators To Follow on OnlyFans and FeetFinder

Looking for some quality creators to follow online? We have got you covered with this list of 9 best creators that you can follow on OnlyFans and FeetFinder. With so many categories out there on adult websites, it is still a hassle to research your fetish and explain to the search engine what content you want to see.

Services like only fans have made it easier for you to subscribe to specific individuals and consume their content. You can even connect with some content creators and request them to do something specific as per your desires. In this article, we will discuss in detail the nine best feet sole creators that we found after going through hundreds of profiles, how much their subscription costs, and how you can connect with them to get custom-made content.

Recently, foot fetish has emerged as something a lot of netizens seem to like and enjoy. If people love watching a particular genre of content, someone has to create it too.

Fortunately, platforms like only fans have made it easier for creators to post content without necessarily revealing their identity. OnlyFans, specifically, is the most popular platform for people to upload homemade content and earn money.

It bridged the gap between high-production adult content websites and individuals sitting at home wanting to do something similar.

Today, there are thousands of creators to choose from even within your specific fetish domain. This has also resulted in people feeling less alienated about their desires as they are made aware of the fact that they are not the only ones.

This makes them more comfortable with their desires and, in a way, brings them closer to themselves without the fear of being judged. In this article, we have compiled a list of the nine best content creators that you can follow on OnlyFans and FeetFinder, specifically for all readers with a foot fetish.

Best OnlyFans and FeetFinder creators to follow:

  1. Xoxoilyy
  2. Blac Chyna
  3. Chubby Girl Feet
  4. Bae
  5. Pinks_Piggies
  6. Fleek Feet
  7. Sweet Arches
  8. Twosexysoles
  9. Blonde Bondage babe

Let's discuss each of these best sexy sole creators to follow on OnlyFans and FeetFinder.

1. Xoxoilyy

Let's begin the list with this amazing feet content creator that you can follow on FeetFinder.

This short beautiful woman from the United States has a foot size of US-9 and has about 11 pictures to look at on her profile once you follow her but believe me we have not added her to the list because of these 14 pictures.

It's because you can request her to click a set of pictures of her feet specifically for you and she will fulfill your requests.

Her ethnicity is Hispanic/Latin and she is an active creator and usually delivers the requested content within minutes of subscribing to her. Most of her pictures sell for $4-$6 and you can get an entire album for $10. She loves wearing sandals and shoes but not a lot of heels which some people may prefer more.

Here’s the link to her profile: Xoxoilyy on FeetFinder

2. Blac Chyna

The next creator on our list is Blac Chyna, a model who has made OnlyFans her full-time career and earns more than $20 million every single month. She is well known for her adult content across all categories and fetishes but her willingness to try and fulfill the fantasies of her fan has made her the most money.

This ebony Feet model from the USA can be found online almost the entire day, chatting and satisfying her followers who request custom content.

She has 136 posts on her public wall only for fans and one has to pay a subscription of $19.99 per month to get access to her gallery.

However, for the readers of this article, particularly interested in feet sole content, it is highly recommended to skip the subscription and demand custom content in her DMS for a varying price. This is because her public wall does not contain much foot fetish content rather it pertains to a wider audience with more generic adult content.

Here is the link to her profile: Blac Chyne

3. Chubby Girl Feet — @chubbygirlfeet

If you are not satisfied with the perfectly meaty soles of Chelsea because you like even thicker feet, chubbygirlfeet is the one who can satisfy you.

As the name suggests, she has chubby feet sized at UK-4 and her subscription is only $5 a month. She also serves custom requests to fulfill your desired fantasy at a varying fee depending on your request.

She is quite popular on social media websites like Instagram where she has a few thousand followers and you can follow her too at chubbygirlfeet.

Here’s the link to her profile on OnlyFans: Chuby Girl Feet On OnlyFans

4. Bae — @thickqueen13

The fun is not over yet for everyone who likes thick feet because coming in at number 4 is thickqueen13 from Philadelphia. She is as chubby as one might expect and she is also a perfect match for everyone who loves inked feet.

She is a tattoo freak and it shows in her feet content on OnlyFans. The monthly subscription of this blonde costs $6.5 and you can ask for custom requests at a varying fee without even taking up the monthly subscription.

Her profile on OnlyFans includes 25 posts and you can find her on Twitter by the handle name @Bailey89670964.

Here’s the link to her OnlyFans account: Follow Bae on OnlyFans

5. Pinks_Piggies

Moving on from thick chubby feet and tattooed blonds, we have pink piggies, a 36-year-old amateur creator in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She believes she can satisfy any feet enthusiast with her skills without revealing her ethnicity or body type.

She makes content solely in the feet genre and keeps her identity anonymous. She has a foot size of US-9 and is the first one on this list to have expertise in deep cleansing her feet. She has an amazing post on her wall in which she exfoliates and deep cleanses to reveal even softer feet at the end.

Her photo album is $10, and videos are $15 — $20. The deep cleansing video is about 3 minutes long and a whole of exciting.

You can follow her on FeetFinder at: Pinks_Piggies on FeetFinder

6. Fleek Feet

As the name suggests, this female content creator from the UK makes solely foot fetish content on OnlyFans under the name handle Fleek Fleet. She likes to keep her identity unknown therefore it is not possible to find her on any social media platform although the link to her Snapchat is present on her OnlyFans profile.

She has no nudity content on her OnlyFans makes feet content only and any custom request demanding so will not be fulfilled. In fact, she makes little to no custom content at all. She has 244 posts on her public wall and she posts regularly on her OnlyFans. Fleek Feet is one of the few creators on this list with a value-for-money subscription.

The monthly subscription to her public wall starts at $17 per month and you can also purchase subscription bundles at $43.35 for 3 months and $76.5 for 6 months.

Here is the link to her profile: Follow Fleet Feet on OnlyFans

7. Sweet Arches

A feet-sole creator on OnlyFans, Sweet Archer distinguishes her content from the majority of amateur feet creators by adding an immense layer of professionalism to it. Hardcore and serious foot fetish content is her league and she never disappoints whether it is a custom request made by a fan or a regular public post on her wall.

The monthly cost of her subscription is around $10 which is value for money given the amount of professionally shot high-production content she uploads on a daily basis. She has over 426 posts on her OnlyFans wall and 720 in total media.

Here is the link to her profile: Follow Sweet Arches on OnlyFans

8. Twosexysoles

Coming in at number 8 is a two-in-one account for everyone who likes to get a bang for their buck. Twosexyholes is an account managed by 2 lesbian college girls who deliver photos and videos as per your request. They have a diverse collection available on their profile on FeetFinder which can be accessed by taking their monthly subscription which costs $8.67.

The two white girls are 20 years old and have a foot size of US-8. You can message them via FeetFinder and they will gladly grant your request.

Here’s a link to their profile: Follow Twosexysoles on FeetFinder

9. Blonde Bondage babe

There are some sexy feet content on her profile already. She says her fans can send her direct messages and will be happy to give them their requests. Blonde bondage babe is a 27-year-old white lesbian. You can watch her have fun with her friend or watch her get cleaned in the bathtub.

You can buy her feet pics album for just $5 or $6, and you can order for special requests, and you will get on the spot. So enjoy your lesbian feet fetishism today by following Blondebondagebabe on the FeetFinder website.

Here’s a link to her profile page on FeetFinder.

Frequently asked questions

Can I trust these platforms with my money?

Absolutely yes, both FeetFinder and only fans are trustworthy platforms used by a lot of users every day. The creators of these platforms have also revealed that their privacy and dignity are maintained by these platforms. They handle thousands of transactions every day and have never reported a data breach.

Do these platforms/creators collect my data?

Except for the cookies data that every online website collects, both OnlyFans and FeetFinder provide transparency in their privacy policy which states that no data regarding the privacy of the user, his location, name, address, number, or preferences is collected or used by these platforms.

How can I become a content creator myself on such platforms?

You need to be older than 18 years of age to become a creator. It is as easy as setting up a Youtube account and uploading videos on it.

The revenue model however differs a lot since the target audience, algorithm, and content category are different.

A creator is paid directly by their viewers. The viewer pays only for one creator at a time and can only access the content they made. It is a subscription-based model but unlike Netflix and prime video, you don’t get access to the entire collection made by the platform.

How do these platforms make money if I am not paying them anything?

Both only fans and FeetFinder take commissions from the creators for letting them post on their platform and providing a secure payment interface to the subscriber. The creator has to pay a percentage of the revenue they make on every single subscription.

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