How to Sell Feet Pics And Getting Paid Through PayPal

How you can sell your Feet Pics on PayPal? You can sell your Feet pics and getting paid through PayPal, in this article we explained how you can protect yourself from online scammers and build a legit business around your Feet content.

How to sell Feet Pics using PayPal? Make Money selling Feet Pics and getting paid through PayPal
How to sell Feet Pics using PayPal? Make Money selling Feet Pics and getting paid through PayPal

PayPal is the worldwide payment method used for selling feet pics. Some use it to make direct sales without using business platforms. However, business websites like FeetFinder, OnlyFans, Feetify, and Instafeet are the primary source of income for many feet models.

So, is it mandatory to register on these platforms if you can still make direct sales using PayPal? The answer is yes, your feet pics business significantly needs the feet fetish market to grow effectively.

Some foot websites even use PayPal to pay for their foot models. This is where PayPal comes into play.

Let’s see how PayPal can help you get paid for selling feet pics.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is one of the most demanding e-wallets and an online payment method that works in more than 200 countries.

Paypal comes with the most convenient setup for all scales of business. Selling feet pics using PayPal is common and by far the most trusted payment method.

The PayPal transactions are secured and safe, be it between the feet websites and your PayPal account or your PayPal account to your bank account.

Can you use PayPal to sell pictures of Feet?

Yes, you can sell your feet pics and get paid through PayPal.

PayPal is functional in almost all the countries that are most likely to have Feet pics and buyers. So, in most cases, feet pics sellers use PayPal to get paid worldwide.

PayPal is often praised by feet pics sellers for its highly convenient features and secure local/international transactions, which is very important as it may involve currency conversions.

On top of everything, PayPal is free. It might sometimes charge for websites that don't accept it and a 3-4% fee for international transactions and currency conversations.

How do you sell feet pics and get paid?

Getting paid for selling feet pics depends on how you manage your sales.

Sell feet pics privately and get paid through PayPal.

You might want to start your feet pics business by making direct sales to avoid commission charges and other expenses charged by websites.

However, you can still get paid through PayPal by sharing your details with clients.

PayPal is a payment method and not a business platform.

Selling feet pics privately is a tough choice: you will always need a medium to market your potential as a feet model.

Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

If you want to get paid to sell your Feet Pics, FeetFinder is the No.1 choice for anyone looking to sell their Feet pics and videos. It provides you with a safe environment to sell your Feet pics. You can make money on FeetFinder by getting paying subscribers, selling your Feet albums, and getting tips on your FeetFinder page. Sell Your Feet Pics on FeetFinder here.

Sell feet pics using feet websites that use PayPal to pay its feet models

That will work if you are willing to use feet websites. Many platforms allow feet pics sellers to get paid through PayPal by linking their accounts to their business accounts on foot websites.

Paypal is more commonly used as a middleman between business platforms and your bank.

So, you can also get paid through PayPal when selling feet pics on platforms that authorize transactions to PayPal accounts.

How do you sell pics using PayPal?

PayPal doesn't have any business model that can help you bring sales. We suggest you sign up for feet platforms that authorize transactions to PayPal.

To sell feet pics using PayPal, you need to:

  • Set up a PayPal account.
  • Register on feet websites and list your feet pics.
  • Feed your PayPal account details into the payment method of the website you have signed up for. Make sure the website accepts transactions to PayPal.
  • Link your PayPal account with your bank account if you want to transact the balance into your bank account. You can also use PayPal balance with PayPal credit cards.

How to set up a PayPal account to get paid for your feet pics?

  • Visit the website and sign up by entering your details. You can also download the PayPal app.
  • Select the type of account(Personal/Business) you want to create.
  • Verify your account by adding your phone number. Enter your security code to proceed with your process.
  • Feed in your details and email address.
  • Link your bank account. You can also apply for a PayPal debit card if you don’t have a bank account.

There are two types of PayPal accounts you can sign up for when selling feet pics.

PayPal Personal Account

PayPal personal account is suitable for individual use. You can use it for your small-scale feet pics business that mostly involves payments for local buyers.

Due to the wide scope of feet pics, PayPal's account might limit your sales as you can not receive huge payments with records and invoicing.

PayPal Business Account

A PayPal business account can let you explore more in the feet fetish industry without worrying about managing payment records and invoicing.

As feet pics sellers, you will need assistance keeping buyers' information and balance changes that will occur every transaction. Fortunately, PayPal's business account has the best features to display all the information and manage finances in a well-organized manner.

A PayPal business account also allows you to receive payments directly from foot websites with no extra fee.

Is PayPal safe for selling feet pics?

A Feet Creator is making money selling her Feet Pics
A Feet Creator is making money selling her Feet Pics.

PayPal is a secure payment method you can rely on to sell feet pics.

  • PayPal has an end-to-end encryption setup to secure your transactions from local or international buyers.
  • Due to two-factor authentication feet, websites that are linked to your PayPal account can never hack into your sensitive details.

Selling Feet Pics on Instagram or other social media sites:

If you share your Feet pics on a social media platform and someone contacts you to shoot some Feet pics for them.

You can use PayPal to get paid for your Feet pics but always remember to get paid first before sending your Feet pics as there are a lot of scammers or people who will get your Feet pics, and they wouldn't pay you.

Is PayPal good for selling feet pics?

PayPal is easy to use and widely available platform that makes it a more convenient payment method for pics businesses.

The best part is a non-PayPal user can also pay you for feet pics by clicking on the payment request sent by you. They will need to feed in their bank details, and you will get your payments!!

You don't necessarily need a bank account to register on Paypal. You can perform purchases with PayPal debit cards.

You can also ask buyers to pay you as a friend/family to enjoy payments with no transaction fees.PayPal can help you grow your feet pics business more lucratively. You can now receive payments of $10,0000 on Paypal.

FAQs: Selling Feet Pics Using Paylegitimate website for selling feet pics

  • Can you use PayPal to receive payment from Feetfinder?

No, you can not get paid for using Paypal from Feetfinder.FeetFinder is a legitimate website for selling feet pics that pays its sellers through SegPay and Paxum for local and international transactions.

  • How can you sell pics without getting scammed?

You can get paid through PayPal for your feet pics. The payment methods provide secure transactions and prevent scams. It also allows you to link your PayPal account with the website you use to sell feet pics.

  • How to sell feet pics and get paid through PayPal?

You can sell feet pics using PayPal. To do so, you need to set up a PayPal business account. You can also sell your feet pics privately and send a payment request to your buyer to avoid any inconvenience.

Note: PayPal restricts transactions for selling adult content. It is suggested that PayPal accepts payments from any platform on which you choose to sell feet pics.

  • How much does PayPal charge for selling feet pics?

PayPal is a free online payment method. You can get paid for your feet pics through PayPal. The local transactions are mostly free. However, you might get charged for currency conversations if you sell feet pics to international buyers.

P.S: Selling Feet Pics Using PayPal

Selling feet pics using PayPal is easy and convenient. However, PayPal doesn't permit the sale of adult content, so make sure your client doesn't mention feet fetish when making a payment. This is where selling feet pics privately can reduce the risk of getting your transactions declined.

PayPal might decline transactions from the feet fetish website, so make sure the feet website that you choose to sell feet pics is authorized by PayPal.

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