Make Money Selling Feet Pics as a Guy or as a Male

How guys or men can start making money selling their Feet pics and videos? In this article we explain in detail how men can sell feet pics.

make money selling feet pics as a guy

You might know that most of the Feet Creators are making money selling their Feet pics, and most of them are girls or women, but can you make money selling your Feet Pics as a man? In this article, we went through this topic in detail and tried to help you understand how to make money selling your Feet Pics as a guy.

You can make money selling feet pics as a guy in the feet fetish industry. Feet modeling is considered a female occupation, but there are many feet fetishists out there who find joy in male feet pics. Let’s dig in and see what’s there for you as a male feet model in a feet fetish market.

Can I guy make money selling feet pics?

Yes, there is a market for male feet pics. However, the male feet pics market is not as huge as the market of female feet pics.

It's not always about those small petite dainty lady feet. There are people(females/gay) who have this thing for male feet/toes, and, fortunately, many of you are willing to make some thick cash by selling feet pics.

If you are 18 or older, you are legally allowed to sell feet pics and make money as long as it’s not considered immoral or illegal in your state.

How to make money selling feet pics as a guy?

To sell feet pics, you need;

  • A medium to connect with feet lovers.
  • A payment method to receive local and international payments.
  • Make sure you own the copyrights of the Feet pics you post.

Various platforms can help you reach buyers and make money out of it. Social selling is one of the common ways among feet pics sellers to make direct sales and develop awareness about their feet pics business.

However, many feet fetish websites allow you to communicate with buyers more comfortably. You can create your seller profile and list your feet pics. Feet fetishists are always scrolling through these platforms to buy feet pics and might also want you to customize feet pics/videos based on their fantasies.

Where to sell feet pics as a guy?

Selling feet pics was a quarantine side hustle in 2020 for many people and has now become their major source of earnings. Here are some websites for you to sell feet pics as a guy.

  • FeetFinder- You can sell the album of 5 feet pics or list feet pics/videos individually. It is the number one platform among feet fetish websites where you can legit make sales and find more niche buyers.

FeetFinder is one of the best sites where it is easy to discover, and you could make a lot of money selling your feet content. There are a lot of categories where you can be discovered and interact with people who want to buy men's feet pics.

Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

You can start making money on FeetFinder and start making money through selling your Feet albums, getting paying subscribers, and receiving a Tip from your fans. Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder here.

  • OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where you can make money through subscriptions and PPV messaging.
  • Feetify- As a Feetify premium seller, you can also get paid for actively posting on your profile, even if you don't get any sales from buyers.
  • Etsy- The e-commerce website allows you to create your feet pics shop where you can list your feet pics previews and price them accordingly.
  • Instagram- The best social media platform that can help you reach a bigger audience and offers the best tools to manage your feet pics business. Instagram offers more ways to engage with the audience. You can post foot pics and stories, put highlights, and even make reels to increase engagement.

Note: “Can you sell feet pics male feet pics on Instafeet?” is one of the most searched queries on google from male feet pic sellers. Well, not really. Instafeet only entertains female feet pic sellers to avoid sugar daddy scams.

Who buys male feet pics?

Well, your big and manly feet have a market in various sectors. Agencies, modeling companies, feet fetish industries, and advertising companies are always eager to connect and get exclusive close-ups of your feet.

Feet fetish has now become more common than the stigmas associated with it. Feet lovers need their daily dose of intimate feet pics which is the major reason that 18+ people can only use all feet fetish websites.

What kind of male feet pics are more attractive?

You might think, what excites females more about male feet pics? Your broad and long foot soles tend to mesmerize them with thoughts of talking to some handsome hunk, and getting a chance to see their feet is how they feel kinky toward male feet.

A study on human behavior was carried out. Based on data collection, Dan Fessler of the University of California says that the only attractive male feet are huge and not dainty little or old.

It clarifies that clumpy old feet might have a market in blogging but not in a feet fetish industry. However, we believe the more youthful feet you have, the more chances you have to make sales in the feet fetish industry. You still need to add intimacy to your feet content regardless of how attractive your feet look.

  • Try different foot poses.
  • Make sure you shave your toe hair before clicking your feet pics. It gives a tidy look.
  • Use different backgrounds.
  • It is a plus if you can include your face in your feet pics. Nothing is more attractive to a female than a confident male. So make sure you play your cards right.

How much money do male feet models make?

Male foot fetish models can make hundreds and thousands of dollars in a single month by selling their feet pics. Some many male feet pics sellers make more than an average female feet model. However, as a guy, you will always have to go out of your way to make money in the foot fetish industry.

The discussion over quora about how much money a man can make selling feet pictures has cleared many doubts about whether there is a market for male feet pics. As a guy, you can make 100 to 10,000 dollars from a feet pics business.

Who are some male feet pics sellers you should follow?

Here are a few male feet pic sellers who have already built a lucrative career just by clicking their feet pics.

Jason Stromm

The handsome hunk has sexy arched feet that a feet lover could drool over. He is over 35 years old and is making thousands of dollars by showcasing her giant foot soles.

Jason has more than 5000 followers on his Instagram and is currently making $4000 in a single month. However, OnlyFans is his major source of earnings, where he chats and connects with Feet lovers and does live feet shows which is yet another way to double his income.


The user GuyFeetPics is a 19 years old guy with a shoe size UK 7.5. The guy deals with foot slaves and is open to selling feet pics in DMs.

P.S.: How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics as a Guy?

You can sell feet pics as a guy and make money from multiple feet fetish platforms and social media websites. OnlyFans, FeetFinder, and Feetify are mediums that can help you reach feet lovers and make sales without having to worry about scams.

CashApps, Venmo, and Paypal are some common payment methods used by feet pics sellers all over the world. The feet pics business is a lucrative source of earning, and male feet models like Jason Stromm have proved it to be true.

Selling feet pics is one thing, but if you could manage to sell feet pics as a guy, you can achieve anything life throws your way.

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