Pokimane Feet Pics & Videos For Satisfying Your Foot Fetish

What are some of the best Pokimane Feet pics and Videos for satisfying a Foot Fetish? We have also listed the Foot sizes and dimensions of Pokimane Feet.

Pokimane Feet Pics and Videos
Pokimane Feet Pics and Videos

If you’re a fan of Pokimane, you’ve certainly come across her feet at some point. Followers will occasionally spot them during live streams, and her feet are a hot topic amongst fans and feet enthusiasts alike. In fact, this topic is so popular that there are forums and fan accounts solely dedicated to Pokimane’s feet. The general consensus is that this streamer has quite an attractive pair of feet.

In this post, we’ll explore all there’s to know about Pokimane’s feet. We’ll address all the hot issues, including – Are Pokimane’s feet worth the hype? We’ll also take a look at 27 feet pics from the stunning 27-year-old.

But first, let’s get to know this Moroccan-Canadian streamer a bit.

The Story of Pokimane

Imane Anys, popularly known as Pokimane, was born in Morocco on May 14, 1996. When she was just 4 years old, her family moved to Quebec, Canada. From an early age, Anys had an interest in video games.

Not much is known about the streamer’s early years. Later in life, she joined McMaster University to study chemical engineering. Anys later dropped out to prioritize her streaming career.

Pokimane started her Twitch account in June 2013. The name Pokimane is a fusion of two words – the popular video game series Pokémon and her name Imane. Since the launch of her Twitch account, Anys has been able to steadily grow her follower base.

By 2017, she had accumulated over 450,000 followers on Twitch. This accomplishment solidified her place in the 100 most followed accounts on the platform. In the same year, she won the Shorty Award for ‘Best Twitch Streamer’ and this further propelled her popularity.

Today, Pokimane boasts over 9 million followers on Twitch, making her the most followed female streamer on this platform. She also has a combined 8.32 million subscribers on YouTube and 6 million followers on Instagram.

Now that we're up to date, let’s take a closer look at this streamer’s feet.

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Specifics About Pokimane’s Feet

Pokimane is 5 ft 3, and her shoe size is (6.5 US). Therefore, her feet are not too small or too large.

Looking through Pokimane’s feet pics, you’ll notice that she prefers French pedicures. She has long, beautiful toes, pretty tops, and amazing high arches. All in all, if you have a thing for beautiful feet, you’ll certainly love what you see from this streamer.

Pokimane’s Feet Pics

There are thousands of photos of feet from Pokimane on the internet. And if you’re looking to indulge your fantasy, you may be wondering: what’s the best place to start? That’s where we come in.

We’ve put together an amazing collection of Pokimane’s feet pics so you can find everything you want in one place. Whether you’re into bare feet, high heels, sandals, soles, tops, or even fishnets, you’ll find something you like on this list.

Here are the 27 best feet pics of the 27-year-old streamer.

  1. Let’s get things started with this beautiful picture of Pokimane. This shot emphasizes her beautiful high arches, and you can see a few light-colored toenails peeking through.
  2. Another cute picture of Pokimane. Her feet look delicate in the white sandals, and her legs are smooth and beautiful.
Pokimane Feet Pics
Pokimane Feet Pics
  1. If you have a thing for socks, then you’ll love this next shot of Pokimane. She’s all cozy in her white socks as she streams on Twitch.
  2. Anys looks amazing in her two-piece set and black boots. The combination of the boots and short skirt gives an illusion of longer legs.
  3. This is quite the shot for any foot lover with a sole fetish. Pokimaine’s left sole is very close to the camera and you can see the pink tones in her heel and toes. It’s also clear that the streamer has great toe progression.
  4. This picture is also from a streaming session. Her right leg is crossed over her left leg, giving us a clear view of her right foot. Pokimane has long, well-arranged toes and light-colored toenails in this shot. It’s also hard to miss how high and beautiful her arches are.
Picture of Pokimane Feet while streaming on Twitch
Picture of Pokimane Feet while streaming on Twitch
  1. Pokimane dressed as the Game of Thrones character Khaleesi. You can see a bit of her feet and her nude heels poking through her long dress.
  2. Another idyllic image for all sole lovers out there. It’s hard not to notice the arch in her feet in this picture.
  3. In this beautiful mirror selfie, Pokimane is wearing nude ankle strap heels that show her toes and the tops of her feet. As is often the case, the streamer is spotting a French pedicure.
  4. Another shot of a cozy Pokimane live streaming in her bedroom. Her left foot is featured in this shot, and her cute toes are painted using a darker shade of polish. If you’re into feet smelling or licking, you’ll also notice just how close her foot is to her nose and mouth, respectively.
  5. We had to include this image of the top of her feet from another angle. Notice how long her toes look in this picture. Her tops also look nice and smooth, and the French pedicure is certainly a good look for her.
  6. This beautiful picture features a barefooted Pokimane and beautiful legs. What more could a foot lover ask for? The shot emphasizes her fantastic toe shape and progression.
  7. We love this mirror selfie of Pokimane in a little black dress and black ankle-strap heels. The black shoes contrast her skin beautifully, and her legs look smooth and amazing in this picture.
  8. If you’re into both feet and sexy legs you’re bound to like this picture. Pokimane is spotting a French pedicure in this photo, and her heels accentuate the beauty of her tops.
  9. If you were ever in doubt that Pokimane has gorgeous feet, this close-up of the previous photo is enough to clear all doubt.
Pokimane Feet Pics and Videos For Satisfying Your Foot Fetish
Pokimane Feet Pics and Videos For Satisfying Your Foot Fetish

Another close-up of the Twitch streamer in stunning white strappy heels. Pokimane clearly has a thing for light-colored toenails.

This is a still from one of Pokimane’s streaming sessions. Her bare feet look delicate and as beautiful as always. If you have a thing for legs, you’ll certainly enjoy this pic.

The ideal image if you’d like to admire Pokimane’s tops, soles, and legs in the same shot. This image is from a live stream, and everything about her bare feet looks amazing.

Another barefoot pic of Anys. Her pretty toes and beautiful legs look alluring in this mirror selfie.

If fishnets are your forte, then you’ll for sure love this picture of Pokimane. You can see a fair bit of skin under the fishnets, and her beautiful arches are visible in this picture.

Any takes a lot of barefoot pics! We love the beautiful arch in her foot.

  1. A beautiful shot of Anys in cute sandals and a short dress. Her tops certainly look beautiful in this picture.
  2. This image is a still from a Twitch streaming session. If you prefer soles, you’ll appreciate a closer look at the streamer’s feet.
  3. Another close-up picture of Imane’s soles.
  4. We love this beautiful of Anys wearing her white socks.
  5. What’s better than a pair of ankle socks? Thigh-high socks, of course! If you enjoy the look of feet in socks, you’ll for sure love this picture of Pokimane.
  6. We’ll end things with this lovely picture of Pokimane in cute black sandals. In this shot, you can admire the streamer's long toes, French pedicure, and beautiful tops.

So, what’s your favorite picture of Pokimane’s feet? And do you think that they live up to their hype?

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