Foot Fetish Games: The Top 5 Games For People With Foot Fetish

Discover the top 5 Foot fetish games that you can play with anyone. You can install these games on your phone or play online with your fans or subscribers with a foot fetish.

best foot fetish games to play with your fans

Are you a foot fetishist looking for the craziest games to satisfy your kinks? Do you want to read a detailed description of the top foot fetish games before you pay for their subscription? If so, we are here to guide you. There are a lot of Foot fetish sites where you can sell feet pics or discover a feet creator and play games with them.

In this blog, we have gone into the details of the science behind foot fetish games. Moreover, we have given our detailed analysis of the top 5 online foot fetish games. So, if you are here to explore the review of the top online foot fetish plays, scroll down till the end. 

What Are Foot Fetish Games? | A Brief Explanation

Before we begin to explore the best online foot fetish games, let us learn what to expect from these online gameplays. These games are developed using advanced 3D animation, machine-learning data sets, and virtual technology to assist you in satisfying your foot fetish desires. 

Although each foot fetish game is unique, with different features and gameplay, the main goal is to allow you to play with a virtual character’s feet. Some high-end foot fetish games allow players to virtually engage in sexual activities with foot models, while others simply offer games such as massaging or providing foot care to a virtual character.

The Top 5 Games For People With Foot Fetish

For anyone with an interest in women’s feet, the online foot fetish games mentioned below are the best on the market. These online games feature various customization features and foot plays, allowing you to satisfy your kinks. 

The following are the top 5 games for people with foot fetish:

  1. Girlvania Summer Lust
  2. 3D Kink
  3. Riko Foot Play
  4. Feet Stimulation
  5. Foot Massage By Meet and Fuck Games

Let's discuss each of these games and see what you can do with these games.

1. Girlvania: Summer Lust | Best For Playing Adult Games 

Girlvania summer lust game

When looking for an adult game with specialized features for fetishes and kinks, Girlvania is one of the most credible options. This X-rated game allows you access to four sexy-looking girls: Sherry, Dakota, Milenna, and Tessa. While each of the four hentai girls in this adult game has a unique design, they all have attractive features like perky breasts, curvy asses, and attractive feet.

The best part about Girlvainia is its hundreds of customization options, allowing you to do whatever you want from all four characters. From putting them in sexy costumes to seeing them give footjobs, Girlvania’s customization features make everything possible. Moreover, with Girlvania, you can see all four characters grinding and stroking together. Users can also incorporate various sex toys and stimulators to heat things up. 

By now, you must be waiting for Girlvania’s features for foot fetishists. Well, this 3D animated game offers a “Legs and Feet Expansion Pack” that you can buy to unlock kinky features. With this specialized foot fetish pack, you can make your girls suck their toes, give footjobs, lick each other’s feet, and wear various foot accessories. Doesn't it all sound like a dream come true for foot fetishists?

The only downside to Girlvania is that it is only available for PC users. However, this innovative 3D game is a one-time download and does not require an internet connection to play once downloaded.

2. 3D Kink | Best Game For BDSM and Foot Fetish Players

3D Kink Game

For anyone interested in kinks like BDSM, Findom, or foot fetishism, 3D Kink is a big call out. This 3D animated sex game is specifically designed for those who secretly desire extreme sex. Users at 3D Kink get to play the main character and can dominate or control multiple slaves. You can play all types of hardcore and bondage acts with your obedient slaves and satisfy your sexual cravings.

For foot fetishists, this X-rated game incorporates several sex toys, accessories, clothing, and footwear. Although 3D Kink does not feature special features for foot kinksters, you can create hundreds of scenarios, actions, and poses that fit your foot fetish desires and narratives. For example, you can use any accessories or clothing items to use them on your virtual slaves and manipulate them however you want. 

One of the unique factors about 3D kink is that it allows you to record or take screenshots of your gameplay, allowing you to save the moment on your device and enjoy it whenever you want. Other notable functions of 3D Kink are its real-looking graphics, sound effects, actions, and animations. This highly advanced game gives users access to over 50,000 sexy virtual models, 5,000 sex accessories, over 15,000 clothing options, and more than 50,000 sexual positions and angles.  

3D Kinnk is a free-to-download app that provides a free demo mode before you purchase a subscription. Once you become a 3D Kink paid member, the fee will get automatically deducted from your bank account unless you cancel your subscription. The pricing at 3D Kink starts at $9.95 for a three-day trial. 

3. Riko Foot Play | Best Russian Game For Foot Fetish Players

Riko Foot Play

As the name suggests, Riko Foot Play is everything about foot fetish games and desires. Riko Foot Play was created and launched by Netral Project, a Russian game designer. Therefore, users who do not understand the Russian language must have access to an online translator in order to play foot fetish games on the Riko Foot Play. Users can also enjoy sexy gameplay videos on Riko Foot Play’s YouTube channel.

Once you have downloaded Riko Foot Play on your PC (Personal Computer), you will notice everything that pleases a foot fetishist. From sniffing sexy feet to giving foot jobs and foot massaging, Riko Foot Play features everything a foot kinkster wants to see. More notable options at Riko Foot Play include foot humiliation, femdom elements, financial domination, and submission games. All this and more makes Riko Foot Play the ultimate place for foot lovers.

Riko Foot Play is a role-play storyline-type game where you engage in sexual activities with a naughty high-school girl, Riko. You can engage in all types of feet fetish games and activities (including the ones mentioned above) with your main character. Moreover, players can also select between the three game models: easy, medium, and hard, in order to intensify the action. 

Given that Riko Foot Play is a free-to-download PC game, any foot fetishist who has access to it is in for a treat!

4. Feet Stimulation | Perfect Game for Extreme Foot Fetishists

Feet stimulation a game for foot fetishists

If you are looking for an online venture that involves extreme foot games like foot jobs, foot licking, BDSM, and foot dominance, foot stimulation is the perfect play for you. The best part about Feet Stimulation is its several customization features, allowing you to select every physical feature of your model. For example, you can customize the boobs or ass size of your model and the physique of your penis as well. 

Moreover, you can also choose the personality traits of the female character in the game. So, whether you want your foot model to dominate you or become your slave, Feet Stimulation makes it possible for you. In order to enjoy with your virtual foot models, you have to create an account using your email and location. 

Players can also involve other characters and enjoy threesomes or even group sex with their foot models. And not to forget the game’s various customizations to put your model in foot fetish poses and styles. Feet Stimulation is an online game available for web users only. 

5. Foot Massage By Meet and Fuck Games | An Easy-to-Play Foot Fetish Game

foot massage by meet and fuck games

Foot Massage by Meet and Fuck Games is another fun game for foot lovers and enthusiasts. The players take on the role of an expert, first-class masseur who wants to please and satisfy his clients. As a first-class massager, your role in the game is to please your customers by massaging their feet. You can rub your client’s feet, legs, thighs, and ankles to maximize her pleasure. 

As a foot fetishist, if you never had a chance to touch, kiss, or massage a woman’s feet, this game is the perfect option for you to feel the joy.  However, this interactive game has some downsides, including a loud background sound and extremely easy levels. 

The Best Online Apps and Websites For Foot Lovers

Are you someone who wants to meet real-life foot models instead of a game’s virtual characters? If so, the following online platforms allow you access to millions of the sexiest creators who upload realistic foot fetish pictures and videos for their subscribers:

1. FeetFinder

Buy Feet Pics or sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

FeetFinder, without a doubt, is one of the top foot fetish online platforms that offers you access to millions of sexy foot models. Given that FeetFinder is a subscription-based platform, you must pay a monthly fee to view the pictures and videos of any model you like. Moreover, you can also talk to foot models by reaching them in their DMs. 

So, whether you want to view the sexiest foot content or place a custom order, FeetFinder is the perfect go-to place for you.

FeetFinder has over 1 Million creators selling feet pics. You can sell Feet albums, get subscribers who pay monthly, receive a tip, and let your fans buy custom content from you. Do you want to sell Feet pics? Sign up for FeetFinder here.

2. OnlyFans

You can sell Feet pics on OnlyFans as it is the No.1 platform for anyone looking to buy and sell adult content.

OnlyFans is another top place to meet adult models with the prettiest feet. Like FeetFinder, OnlyFans is also a paid platform, requiring you to buy a subscription to your favorite foot models. Foot fetishism is one of the top categories on the platform, where thousands of models post fetish content daily.

Many foot fetish models on OnlyFans offer various adult services to their clients. For example, you can treat your favorite foot model as a girlfriend or place custom orders to see her in your preferred poses.

The best part about OnlyFans is that it is free for all sellers and buyers to join. They just charge 20% commission or service charges on every transaction.

 3. Feetify

As the name suggests, Feetify is another niche-dedicated platform for foot lovers only. The platform features over 55 categories for foot enthusiasts, allowing them access to foot fetish content of all types. So, whether you want to see pictures of athletic feet or painted toes, Feetify has a specified category for all types.

Feetify is also a free-to-join platform for buyers and gives them direct access to foot models. You can read the Feetify Review and choose to sell or buy feet pics on this platform.

You can read: FeetFinder Vs Feetify

P.S. Foot Fetish Games: The Top 5 Games For People With Foot Fetish

Foot Fetishism is one of the most popular and growing trends among people of all ages. Considering the interests of foot fetishists, several apps, sites, and games have been launched catering to the user’s needs and desires. 

Foot fetish games are an excellent option for users to explore their interests in a virtual space while maintaining their safety and anonymity. We sincerely hope this detailed guide helps you find the best game that suits your foot fetish desires and preferences. 

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