Foot Fetish Therapy: What It Is and Is it worth it?

Read about Foot Fetish Therapy and how you can find a good foot fetish therapist near you. We also explained is it worth it?

Foot Fetish Therapy What it is and is it worth it? How to get foot fetish therapy?
Foot Fetish Therapy What it is and is it worth it? How to get foot fetish therapy? 

There was a time in human history when people looked upon sexual fetishism as taboo. In Medieval Europe, for instance, also known as the Dark Ages, if you openly declared that you were sexually attracted to feet, folks would shame you and even punish you. You were looked upon as mentally unfit.

Thanks to modernization, only a few people consider foot fetish a taboo. The reason is rooted in the fact that, more than ever, people indulge in their sexual fantasies without fear of judgment.

It is interesting to note that 47% of people with body part fetishes have a thing for feet! There is now a widespread acknowledgment of foot fetishism, also known as podophilia.

Generally, people with a foot fetish do not suffer any mental repercussions due to their fetish. Nevertheless, an extreme addiction or obsession can drastically affect a foot fetishist's life. In such cases, foot fetish therapy becomes a solution. And that is what this post is about. But before we get into that, let us dissect what it means to have a foot fetish.

What is a foot fetish?

Liking something is not enough to be called a fetish. Thousands of people worldwide like nice feet, but not all have a foot fetish. What defines a foot fetish is not just the sexual tone it has but the necessary pleasure derived from it.

A person can admire great feet and even find them appealing, but they do not necessarily need to indulge them to get off sexually. Meanwhile, someone else attains sexual gratification from foot play or activity.

It makes up an essential part of their sexual psyche. In plain terms, foot fetish is an apparent sexual interest in feet. Foot fetish has even more specific fetishes. Some feet fetishists enjoy categories such as cummy soles, naked feet, painted toes, or even dirty feet. If you get sexually aroused by feet, then you have a foot fetish.

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How do people develop a foot fetish?

Some things in life cannot be explained in definite terms, and foot fetish development is one such thing.

Exciting speculations and even theories have attempted to explain why people develop a fetish for feet. Some psychologists postulate that foot fetishists acquire their desires from a young age - exposure to feet fetish materials and conditioning from pleasant feet-related experiences.

However, none of these are based on hard facts. The truth is that we don’t know for sure what causes foot fetishism.

What is foot fetish therapy?

Foot fetish therapy is a therapy that provides help for people with compulsive and damaging behaviors related to foot fetish. It is vital to note that foot fetishism itself is not a disorder. Foot fetishists are often physically and mentally healthy.

However, there are exceptions where we diagnose psychological issues that can be associated with a person’s foot fetish. Foot fetish addiction is a real problem. Some persons are highly addicted to their fetish, which alters their everyday life.

For example, if you cannot function properly because you always think of feet, this might be an unhealthy obsession.

You may require therapy if your fetish prevents you from going about your normal activities or causing strains in your relationships.

The goal of foot fetish therapy is not to rid the individual of their fetish, as that would be almost impossible. Instead, foot fetish therapy aims at helping people suffering from their fetish better manage their fetishes.

How does foot fetish therapy work?

Feet fetish therapy works by helping you contain your uncontrollable foot fetish urges. Sex therapists are often the ones who therapize fetishists. However, not every sex therapist has the legal right to do so.

In America, there is a regulatory body called the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors, and Therapists (AASECT).

This body provides licenses to deserving sexual therapists that grant them the privilege to work professionally. You must ensure the treatment is licensed if you ever seek foot fetish therapy. This ensures you get the best possible services without wasting money on an inexperienced person.

The first step to foot fetish therapy is diagnosis. While it is easy to self-diagnose, talking to an experienced fetish therapist will present a better analysis of your patterns and, eventually, a correct diagnosis. Diagnosing is essential as this helps the therapist provide working solutions for you.

The next step is booking an official appointment. Now that you know your foot fetish problems, you must pay for a session with a licensed therapist. When seeking therapy, you must ensure that you keep an open mind.

The therapist will probe you in a professional manner about triggers, patterns, and even possible traumas from your formative years. Sometimes, the therapists may recommend medications to assist with curtailing your urges. Overall, foot fetish therapy works by diagnosing and proffering methods to help you with your addictions.

Treatment options available for foot fetish therapy

Treatment options depend on the therapist and the severity of your diagnosis. Below are the main treatment options for foot fetish therapy:

  1. Relaxation Techniques: One method foot fetish therapists use for their clients is relaxation and distractions. The therapist suggests activities or methods to help distract your mind from the intense urges the individual experiences.
  2. Building Communication and Relationship Skills: This treatment method is ideal for people who struggle to express their foot fetish, especially in romantic relationships. It also teaches the affected individual to express their desires respectfully to avoid situations that can lead to harassment and assault.
  3. Medications: In some cases, the therapist may prescribe certain medicines to help suppress the sexual urges of the individual. They recommend this for clients with little control over their foot fetish thoughts and activities; medicines like Prozac are recommended to tame sex drive.

Signs that you may need a foot fetish therapy

Foot fetishism is harmless. Having a sexual preference for feet should not be a problem. You do not need therapy if your desires and activities are within healthy limits. However, if you display any or some of the signs below, you may want to see a therapist.

  1. Inability to Function: If you observe that your foot fetish is getting in the way of your daily life, then you probably need therapy. A healthy foot fetish should not hinder your everyday activities, such as working, eating, and interacting with people. So if you cannot carry out daily activities because of your obsession, then seeking professional help is necessary.
  2. Sexual Misbehavior: If your foot fetish is pushing you to sexually assault people or employ force to attain consent, then you must seek therapy. Your foot fetish activities should always be within consensual limits. And you should be able to exercise restraint.
  3. Depression and Anxiety: If your foot fetish causes you to be anxious and depressed, you must seek therapy immediately! Fetishes exist to bring pleasure and happiness, not the other way around. If you slip into depression and anxiety because of your fetish, you need foot fetish therapy.

Where to get foot fetish therapy?

Access to foot fetish therapy depends significantly on your location. There are some places where therapy culture isn’t very much appreciated. Finding a therapist for your foot fetish addiction may be difficult in such places.

While in countries like the United States, it is straightforward. But do not worry; you can still access therapy services online.

You can have virtual therapy sessions with licensed therapists who will help with your foot fetish. One great place you can access foot fetish therapy online is Better Help.

Is foot fetish therapy worth it?

Foot fetish therapy is worth it if you suffer from foot fetish patterns that negatively affect your life. It is vital to ensure you need therapy before subscribing to one.

Therapy can be a great way to address deep-seated issues that you never knew existed. You may discover new and exciting things about yourself by getting foot fetish therapy. That makes it worth it.

PS: Foot Fetish Therapy: Explained

Foot fetish therapy evolved from the needs of people suffering from foot fetish-related psychological problems. Only those diagnosed with a foot fetish problem should seek treatment.

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