A Feet Licking Guide + Ideas and Examples

How do you lick Women's Feet? This is a guide for people with a Foot fetish to lick the Feet of any woman and how you can do that.

Feet licking Guide with Ideas and examples

How can you lick Women's Feet? This is a guide for anyone interested in licking Women's Feet and making it more enjoyable for their partner as well.

Do you have a secret desire to lick your girlfriend's feet? Are you looking for a detailed guide on how to lick your partner’s feet without feeling embarrassed? If yes, we are here on a rescue.

While some people enjoy nibbling, touching, sucking, and licking a woman's genitals, foot fetishists enjoy going down to their girlfriends' tootsies. If you are one of them, this page is the right place to be.

A Feet Licking guide for people with foot fetish

In this blog, we have explained foot fetishism, tips and tricks to introduce your kink to your girlfriend, and a step-by-step guide to licking your girl’s feet. So, without further ado, scroll down to explore everything you want to know about foot licking. 

Foot Fetishism: What Is It?

Have you ever felt sexually triggered by viewing the legs, feet, socks, heels, toes, or stockings of another person? If yes, you must be a foot fetishist. A fetish refers to a feeling of sensation or sexual arousal when seeing any body part or an object. Similarly, a foot fetishist person feels sexual pleasure by viewing the feet, legs, socks, stockings, etc, of another person. Feet Fetishism is also known as “podophilia” or “foot parialism.”

Many behavioral factors and sexual instincts lead to the feeling of foot fetishism. One of the most common reasons people practice foot fetishism is their attraction to the concept of submission. These individuals love to live under the influence of a master and do whatever they can to please their dommes.

Similarly, a foot fetishist person desires to view, lick, massage, and submit to the feet of their partner. Surprisingly, most foot fetishists would even worship the feet of their masters in order to please them.

So, are you one of those people who love feet? Do you like the thought of licking a woman’s soles and toes? If you answered yes, this guide is written exclusively for you.

Do Women Like Having Their Feet Licked?

Watch this interesting interview:

Would you let a guy lick your feet? | Public Interview

Generally speaking, foot-licking or toe-sucking is not for everyone. However, many people, usually women,  love getting their feet licked. The reason is not always the kink but because getting your feet licked feels really good. Many people who are not even foot fetishists lick their partner’s feet as part of sexual foreplay. 

If you are in a BDSM relationship, foot licking or toe sucking can be another way for your domme to express her dominance. It brings pleasure to both the domme to feel in power and the slave to feel submission. Furthermore, licking your partner's feet demonstrates your sexual passion and aggression, which, let us tell you, women love.

If we examine the biological side of the feet-licking story, it can be very relaxing to see your feet being massaged, licked, or pampered. Hundreds and thousands of nerves in the human body end near your feet, giving a woman prime pleasure and relaxation to feel their feet getting kissed or massaged.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Ask Your Partner For Feet Licking/ Toe Sucking

Tips for Feet Licking

Of course, we understand you cannot suddenly start licking your partner's feet. Now, you may be thinking of how to get into some intimate toe action without feeling awkward. Here are some helpful tips, tricks, and advice on convincing your partner to toe-sucking.

1. Do Not Rush Things

Remember that practicing any kind of sexual activity must involve the consent and comfort of both parties. If you have just started dating your partner, the worst thing you can do is brag or rush about practicing your kinks. Therefore, if you do not want to take things in the wrong direction, start with building trust, nurturing your relationship, asking about your partner’s fetishes, and then sharing your interests at the perfect time. 

Ideally, we recommend that you experience having several meetings and sex with your partner before discussing your kinks. It will foster enough emotions and trust between you and your partner that she will gladly accept your request without getting offended. 

2. Share It Out

As previously stated, consent is non-negotiable for all sexual acts. Therefore, you must have discussed it with your partner before painting those pretty soles with your tongue. We recommend that you initiate the discussion “lightly” and share your thoughts about foot fetishism. Discuss how you have heard about foot licking as part of foreplay and want to incorporate it into your upcoming sexual encounter.

Moreover, you can also start the conversation by complimenting your partner’s feet. For example, you could say, "Look at those lovely feet of yours; I would give anything to suck your toes."

3. Be Ready to Hear a "No" Call

It is not necessary for everyone to enjoy having their feet licked, and that is fine. Look into the reason if your wife or girlfriend declines your foot-licking request. Try asking them what is on their mind and bothering them with toe-sucking. Perhaps they are particularly ticklish, and your licking may cause irritation rather than pleasure. If this is the reason, tell them you will avoid licking the sensitive parts of their feet. 

On the other hand, if your partner is concerned about foot hygiene and believes that feet are not a clean part of the body, offer to take a shower together before engaging in the licking. Some women believe that having their feet licked by their partner is disrespectful. If this is the case, consider explaining to her that sucking her toes is something you enjoy and is just part of sexual foreplay.

In conclusion, if you approach your partner’s rejection gently and try to explain things, chances are you will get to put your tongues on those feet sooner or later.

4. Take Care of Foot Hygiene and Cleanliness

Fortunately, there are no concerning health risks related to toe-sucking. However, just like with oral sex, you must ensure that your partner has no foot allergies or fungal infections to protect your health. Moreover, the best time to have a foot-licking session is immediately after a shower. If not possible, consider keeping wipes near your bed to clean those little piggies before sucking them with your mouth. 

5. Find The Right Position and Angles

You must have heard the famous quote, “Practice makes a man perfect.” The first time you try licking your partner’s feet, it will be confusing and funny. So, it is okay to take a while and try to find the correct position and angle for yourself.

For starters, ask your partner to sit on a bed or couch, kneel down, and bring their beautiful feet to your mouth. Otherwise, remember that your imagination is the limit. You can search for various poses online or explore with your partner to see what brings you and her the most pleasure. 

6. Set Boundaries

Before engaging in any fetish or sexual activity, ensure that both parties are equally involved. You must agree on some safe words that you can use to stop the activity at any time if it becomes uncomfortable or unpleasant. Furthermore, after your foot-licking session, consider talking about it with your partner, such as what they liked, how it felt, etc.

How To Lick The Feet Of Your Girlfriend: Step-by-Step

Although there is no rocket science or complicated procedure involved in licking your partner’s feet, here is how we can help you:

Step One: Get In The Mood

Once you have discussed everything with your partner and established mutual content, it is time to test the waters. In order to start, it is mandatory for both of you to get in the mood. Consider dimming the lights, turning on music, or removing your and your partner’s clothes as part of a foreplay. Remember that no one knows your partner better than you. So, experiment with whatever gets you and your girlfriend in the mood.

Step Two: Start with Gently Touching Her Body and Feet 

Getting straight to licking your girlfriend’s feet will do nothing but freak her out. So, start slowly and gently. You can begin by kissing her lips, stomach, and legs before gradually elevating downward to the feet. In other cases, you can start by rubbing your partner’s feet while watching TV and express your interest in foot licking. 

Step Three: Consider Starting with A Foot Massage

Once you have entered the foot area, start rubbing them with your hands. Giving your girlfriend a gentle yet firm massage will reduce her foot ticklishness and make her more accustomed to being touched.

Step Four: Involve Your Mouth 

You can now start satisfying your foot fetishism by kissing your partner’s feet. You can also continue complimenting your girlfriend’s feet throughout the session to make her feel pleased. Now, involve your tongue and make delicate touches while kissing the upper part of your partner’s feet. Slowly move to the lower part of her feet and start licking the soles.

Step Five: Mix Your Moves While Licking  Your Partner’s Feet

Licking your girlfriend's feet entails more than painting them up and down with your tongue. So, in order to enjoy the most, consider mixing your moves and angles. For example, gently move across various parts of the feet and give a pressure massage using your tongue. You can also put your girl’s toe in your mouth and suck it while looking directly into her eyes. 

Gradually increasing your tongue’s pressure will increase the sensation and intensity of the overall experience. Then slowly move to a pleasurable orgasm to ensure pleasure and satisfaction on both ends.

Lastly, do not forget about the aftermath and reflection. Ask your girlfriend which part of the foot-licking she enjoyed the most. You can also ask if anything irritates her so you can only deliver the pleasurable from next time onwards. 

P.S. Feet licking: A Licking Feet Guide And How to Lick Feet of Your Girlfriend?

Men and their love of female feet is as old as time. However, foot fetishists use various ways of expressing their love for feet. Some kinkies love to buy foot pictures and videos, while others practice sexual relationships with online foot models. Some foot fetishists prefer establishing Findom relationships with feet dominatrixes, while others love licking the feet of their real-life partners. 

Regardless of how you express your sexual desire for female feet, remember that you must first obtain her consent and comfort. We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you learn the ins, outs, and how-tos of licking your girlfriend’s feet. 

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