Sleepy Foot Worship: How to Worship Women's Feet?

How do you do sleepy foot worship? This article explains how you can worship women's feet with tips and tricks. You can do Feet sniffing, Feet Licking, Foot massage, toe sucking, and admiration of your partner's feet.

sleepy Foot worship guide

Interested to know what is a Sleepy Foot Worship? And how can women's feet be worshipped the right way?

A woman’s feet have been a symbol of eroticism, sensuality, and sexuality for decades. From the early nineteenth century to Freud's time and up to the present day, foot fetishism has been a sexually appealing topic for everyone.

Are you also interested in learning every aspect of foot worship? If so, this guide is written exclusively for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we have explained the concept of foot worship, along with its history and origins. Moreover, we have shared expert ideas for practicing foot worship while maintaining safety. So, without any further ado, scroll down to discover everything you want to know about foot worship. 

sleepy foot worship

The Extremes of Foot Fetishism

According to a 2006 study, more than 85% of online searches containing the term "fetish" also included the word "feet." Foot fetishism, also known as foot partialism, is one of the most common fetishes found. People with a love for feet are increasingly growing in numbers, and so are the dynamics of foot fetishism. 

Podophilia, commonly known as foot fetishism, is not a new phenomenon and dates back to the ancient histories of many communities and countries like Europe, China, and France. It refers to a sexual attraction and romantic desire toward human feet. The intriguing thing about foot fetishism is that it does not affect any particular gender. Instead, any man, woman, or even bisexual person can develop an attraction toward the feet of the same or opposite gender. 

Foot fetishism also has certain levels. Some people are satisfied with viewing pictures or videos of feet, while others want to touch them in person. However, if we take the concept of foot fetishism to its extreme, many foot fetishists enjoy worshipping their partners' feet. In order to understand the details of foot worship, read the headings below.

What is Foot Worship? | A Brief Explanation

Foot worship is a variation of BDSM and its subcategory Findom, in which a person wishes to submit to another. It is a feeling of abandoning oneself and pleasing your master only. Foot worship is similar to this, where a person praises, sniffs, licks, and kisses the feet of his master in order to get sexual satisfaction. 

Foot worship is an interactive method of increasing intimacy and connection between two partners. It develops a bond between couples and brings them closer to each other. However, remember that any sexual activity, including foot worship, must include the consent of both parties. 

The term "foot worship" may also apply to other kinds of foot kinks. For example, many foot worshipers get into an online relationship with a foot model and invest their money into buying her foot pictures and videos. These foot worshipers also send expensive gifts and tributes to their foot mistresses. 

The Culture and History of Foot Worship

As previously stated, the love and fascination for feet date back to ancient times. You must have seen kinky sculptures, portraits, paintings, stories, and drafts that emphasize the trend of foot worship in various countries and cultures. Let us take a look at the global phenomenon of foot fascination.

1. China

When discussing foot fetishism in China, they introduced the trend of foot bondage or foot binding. The concept of foot binding originated in China as a symbol of women's submissiveness to men. Moreover, the Chinese ancients used to bind the feet of their young girls in order to prepare them for menstruation, puberty, and childbirth. 

In today’s world, people practice foot bondage in Findom or BDSM relationships where the domme binds the feet of its submissive to show power and control. However, remember that such sensitive activities must carry out with the consent of the participants and only for sexual purposes.

2. Europe

In the mid-19th century, foot fetishism and foot worship became a hot topic in Europe. The people started believing that a woman’s legs and feet had something to do with fashion, and even books were published discussing the connection between feet and fashion. Philippe Perrot's book, Fashioning the Bourgeoisie, emphasizes that in the nineteenth century, people believed that "less is more." He meant that even a brief glimpse of a female's lower leg or ankle could arouse sexual interest and spark in a man.

3. France

The history of taboos in France is unsurprising to anyone who has studied the country's past. At the beginning of the 20th century, many French artists published hundreds of illustrations and stories that depicted the allure of foot fetishism and foot worship. One such example is a famous illustration titled The Countess with the Whip. The art piece represents two women, where one is playing the role of a domme while the submissive worships her feet by licking them. 

When discussing the erotica history of Europe and France, no one can forget the contributions of Sigmund Freud. He was the first person to introduce the concept of foot fetishism in 1927. He mentioned and discussed the relationship between foot bondage and sexual satisfaction in his famous paper called “Fetishism.”

Tips and Ideas For Worshiping the Feet of Your Girlfriend

There is no fixed method or definition of foot worship, and it is up to you and your partner to determine what brings you pleasure and satisfaction. However, we have outlined some methods of worshiping your partner's feet to satisfy your kinks.

1. Feet Sniffing 

Most foot fetishists enjoy the smell of a woman's feet and would love to rub their noses against those lovely soles. Feet sniffing is a common form of foot worship that includes sexual foreplay. In most BDSM and Findom relationships, the dominatrix would also demand its submissive to sniff her feet in order to please her. 

2. Feet Licking

Another popular method of foot worship is the desire to lick a woman’s feet. If you would like to taste the pretty feet of your girlfriend, consider discussing your kinky side with her and getting her consent. Once you have taken the permission of your partner, include foot licking as part of your sexual foreplay. 

Although it is up to you how you prefer to lick your partner's feet, you can spice things up by dripping some chocolate or cream on your girlfriend's foot and licking it to increase intimacy and connection.

3. Foot Massage

Foot massage has to be one of the woman’s favorite forms of foot worship. It is because getting a hot oil massage on your feet promotes relaxation and physical comfort. You can massage and rub your girlfriend's feet during a full-body massage session or pamper her with a weekly foot care routine, which may include foot massage and pedicures. 

4. Toe Sucking

Toe sucking is another form of foot worship that is commonly found in BDSM or financial domination relationships. You must have seen a domme putting her toes in a submissive's mouth as a form of humiliation. On the other hand, the slaves may also suck their master’s toes to please her. 

However, it is not necessary to associate toe-sucking with BDSM relationships only. Instead, you can also suck the toes of your partner as a form of affection and admiration. 

5. Foot Praise and Admiration

Who said that foot worship has to be physical at all times? Alternatively, if you do not have a real-life partner and have a fetish for a woman's feet, you can satisfy it by establishing a relationship with an online foot model. You can buy foot fetish pictures or videos of adult models and praise them to satisfy your kink. You can also send tributes and gifts to your online partner as a form of foot worship.

FeetFinder and OnlyFans are the most legitimate platforms to find the sexiest and hottest foot models. These platforms offer various sources of connecting directly to your favorite foot fetish models. 

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How to Explore Foot Worshipping in a Healthy Manner?

Although we encourage you to explore your kinks to satisfy your sexual desires, we recommend that you follow the tips listed below to pursue your fetishes in a healthy way. 

1. Talk It Out With Your Partner

Remember that communication is the cornerstone of any romantic relationship. After all, you cannot start licking your partner’s feet all of a sudden and expect her to behave normally. Therefore, wherever your sexual interests and kinks are, it is always better to discuss them with your partner. You can begin by providing a cozy hot oil massage for your girlfriend's feet and gradually progress to foot licking and bondage.

2. Never Force Your Fetishes on Anyone

This rule is non-negotiable: you must never, ever force your sexual desires on anyone. Therefore, if your partner gives you a “no” call, it is okay. Consider discussing what is causing your partner's hesitation and how you can reach an agreement somewhere in the middle.

3. Do Not Forget About Hygiene

Although there are no concerning health factors related to foot worshiping, you must ensure that your girlfriend’s feet are well-washed before kissing or licking them. Given that toe sucking or licking is part of oral sex, it is better to confirm that your partner does not have any foot infections or allergies to avoid the chances of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or STIs  (sexually transmitted infections).

4. Leverage Online Foot Fetish Sources

If you do not have a girlfriend or a real-life partner, consider utilizing online sources. Platforms like OnlyFans and FeetFinder allow you access to millions of the sexiest foot models, who publish hot foot pictures and videos daily. Moreover, you can also place custom orders, requesting pictures and videos according to your preferences. Users can also get personal with online models and establish foot worship relationships. 

P.S. Sleepy Foot Worship: How to Worship Women's Feet? 

Foot worship is all about indulging your fantasies and sensuality. While some people satisfy their kinks by viewing foot pictures and buying various footwear, others feel the urge to put their hands on their partner’s feet and feel them. Whatever method you use to satisfy your foot-worshiping desires, remember that the consent and comfort of your partner must be involved in it.  

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you understand the intricacies of foot worshiping and how to perform it.

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