How to Use Cash App to Sell Feet Pics?

How do you can use Cashapp to sell your Feet Pics and make money? This is a beginner guide to start selling your Feet pics and getting paid through CashApp.

How to Use Cash App to Sell Feet Pics?
How to Use Cash App to Sell Feet Pics?

Selling foot pics is a new way of earning money these days. Many people are in the business of selling foot pictures and videos and are making good money. Where some people find selling foot pictures weird, many pay hundreds of dollars to look at one good pair of feet.

The Internet is filled with websites and apps to sell pictures. Some websites ask the seller to sign up with one specific payment option, whereas others allow the seller can pick the suitable method and earn money. The most used payment method from all the available options is Cash App. Today, we will look into how you can use Cash App to sell feet pics.

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a banking service like any other. You can use it to make online payments directly to the other person. People also use Cash App to invest in stocks, and most people use it to make personal transactions with friends, family, and peers.

But you can convert a personal account into a business account and use it to receive client payments. Besides being user-friendly, the app’s fraud detection infrastructure has made receiving payment for foot pictures safe.

Selling feet pictures online also come with some risks, and It is easy to get scammed while dealing online. Still, online payment is an ideal option for getting paid for foot pictures, and it also helps you keep an anonymous identity if you sell these pictures for fetishes.

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Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder:

You can start making money selling your Feet pics through the following ways;

  • You can upload your Feet pics, create an album, add a price to an album and let your fans pay for that album before viewing it.
  • You can also make money by getting paying subscribers. Your fans pay a monthly fee in order to get access to your content.
  • You can also receive Tips from your fans.
    Most of the creators make money selling their custom content on FeetFinder and using the Tipping feature; you can deliver content to your fans in messages and get paid in Tips. FeetFinder is the No.1 site for anyone looking to sell their Feet pics. It also helps you get discovered by your fans internally. FeetFinder has over 1 Million users and over 100,000+ creators. Sell Your Feet Pics on FeetFinder.

How to use Cash App to Sell Feet Pics?

Cash App is a go-to online method for many people who sell feet pictures online. You must set up a Cash App account first to use it for foot selling.

The signing-up process is just like any other online payment app, and you also have to connect to an external bank account where all the payments will eventually fall. Also, a valid ID or a working phone number is required to complete the signing-up process.

Follow these steps to create an account on Cash App:

  • Download the app from the app store.
  • Put in your mobile number or email address to verify.
  • Complete the verification process by entering the code received via email or text.
  • Add your debit card credentials and link them to the Cash App account.
  • Enter the username of your choice.
  • Fill in the Zip code.

Now that your Cash App account is set. It is a choice to either keep it a personal account or convert it to a business and start selling those feet pictures.

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How to Receive Payment for Feet Pictures?

Register on the website of your choice and choose Cash App as a payment method. Once a customer buys those feet pictures, the account link will take him to the cash me tab.

Here he can make the payment before buying the pictures. A non-cash app user can also make payments into the Cash App account. If you are selling feet pics directly to someone, all he needs is your Cash App payment link to make the payment. Also, one can only use Cash App in UK and USA. If a customer is outside UK or USA, he will not be able to make the payment.

To receive the payment through Cash App, follow these steps

  • Open Cash App and fill in the requested amount.
  • Put in the client’s name, phone number, or email address.
  • Do not forget to mention the purpose of money. You can pick suitable options.
  • Click Request

A client will get 14 days to accept and make the payment for your feet pictures. For fair business, share a watermarked feet picture with the client for preview. Once it is approved, request the money, and share the pictures once the money is in.

Pros: Cash App has no hidden charges and does not ask for any registration fee. Also, there are no transaction or inactivity charges, so it is all your money.

Cons: Compared to other payment options such as PayPal, Cash App only allows the user to send a maximum 700$. Also, the app is only available in UK and USA. So, the person cannot receive payments from foot lovers from other countries. Lastly, an external bank account is also required to link to Cash App to receive payments.

Where Can I Sell My Feet Pictures?

There are many platforms available online where you can deal in feet pictures. Some also have the option to upload foot videos and make more money compared to pictures.

The top website for selling and buying feet pictures is FeetFinder. You have two options to make money using FeetFinder. The first option is to upload a bunch of feet pictures and create an album for the buyer. Multiple people can buy it, and you can even make multiple albums like bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

The other way is by making a FeetFinder channel just like Netflix. Here, people will buy your subscription monthly to watch foot content. Getting monthly subscribers requires effort as you create new content so the subscribers do not lose interest. But this also adds a hint of excitement for the viewers.

FeetFinder is a good and safe place to deal with feet pictures. You can get scammed by selling feet pictures privately, but FeetFinder ensures you receive the money before anyone buys the pictures to fulfill his fetish.

Feet Lovers in USA and UK

It is a sad fact that Cash App does not work worldwide, but the good thing is that it works in UK and USA. These countries are filled with foot lovers, and they would pay hundreds of dollars to satisfy their needs and get pleasure. Natives also like to see feet in different scenarios. You can use this opportunity to charge extra for pictures on demand.

Cash App is the safest and most reliable platform where one can deal in feet pictures through a website and privately. The app has a user-friendly interface, making requesting and receiving payments easier. The advanced encryption also lowers the risk of being scammed, keeping your money safe.

Whereas a PayPal account can still get hacked, Cash App developers ensure the risk of account breach is avoided for every user. Still, taking precautions is a smart move.

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