How To Sell Feet Pics & Make Money Online in 2024

How can you sell Feet pics and make money? This is a beginner guide for anyone interested to make money by selling feet pics.

sell feet pics a guide for creators to sell feet pics
How to sell Feet Pics and make money

There’s actually a scientific reason why some people sexually fantasize about feet. A medical study showed that the sensory perception of feet is right next to the one responsible for genitalia. 

With at least 1 in 7 people interested in feet pictures and videos, there’s a massive market for this content if you want to become an independent content creator. Selling feet pics can generate a steady flow of income, as you can sell one photo multiple times. You can even create custom feet pics for which buyers are willing to pay a higher price. 

But that’s not all. 

Adult content websites are full of niches and sub-niches related to feet, and they can be part of softcore and hardcore adult content creation. 

So, if you want to know how to sell feet pics, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about different feet pics you can sell to your fans and the best websites and apps where you can find interested buyers. 

how to sell Feet Pics

How to Sell Feet Pics

Selling feet pics is an excellent way to make money if you want to become an adult content creator. Some people publish Feet pics while staying anonymous, and this kink will work for you if you haven’t decided on your specific niche yet. 

So, how can you start selling pictures of feet? Here are the steps to follow. 

Find a Platform

Luckily, this won’t be an issue, as there are already various platforms that you can explore if you want to sell feet pics for money. Some are more popular among feet fans, so you can quickly grow your fan base and become a successful adult content creator. 

Before picking a platform, you should understand its pros and cons and how it works to see which one works best for you. Some platforms are more beginner-friendly, while others won’t work for you unless you’re into specific niches. 

Understanding those differences and taking your time to compare different platforms is crucial. You can also sell pictures of your feet on multiple platforms simultaneously. 

You can make money selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder, as it is one of the best websites for anyone looking to sell Feet pics and make money with their content.

Choose Your Niche

Posting random feet pics might attract a few people initially but won’t help you create your brand or grow your platform. You need to find the niche or specialty that fans associate with you so they choose to pay for the content you offer. 

Again, it’s essential to know that some niches aren’t allowed on specific platforms, so you should do your homework and ensure that your chosen niche doesn’t violate any terms of service. In such a case, your account might be suspended, and all of your content will be deleted. 

Take High-Quality Pics

Taking high-quality and well-thought-of pics is a sure way to monetize your content. Remember that there’s a vast market for feet pics, and millions of creators post pics and videos every day. 

In order to stand out, you need to offer something unique, and this includes offering high-quality photos. Of course, some people are still interested in amateur feet pics, but these can be taken professionally, too. 

First, you must decide on the equipment to take photos or record videos. Most smartphones will do fine, but you can also invest in a DSLR camera to take higher-quality pictures. 

In addition to the equipment, you should invest in the proper lighting. The correct light will bring out your best features, and you can go for a natural effect or an artistic style. 

Finally, you can start experimenting with different filters and settings. Editing your pics can make them look so much better and even different if you want to post them multiple times. 

Attract Buyers

The competition in the feet pics market is fierce, so it’s not easy to attract buyers and convince them to pay money for your unique pics. This is why you need to find a way to lure them in. 

You can post free pics as a sneak peek on different platforms, showing your fans a glimpse of what they can get once they pay for the whole subscription. You can also offer them as menu items that fans can buy separately. 

Grow Your Fan Base

Once you’ve made some loyal fans, it’s time to work on your relationships with them. Fans will send messages to you, cheering for your content or expressing their opinion regarding it. 

You should check your messages several times daily if possible because responding to messages makes you more approachable. Some fans will also send you special requests in your inbox so you can stage and create unique feet pics based on their criteria. 

Improve Your Content

It’s crucial to keep improving your content as your fan base grows. This includes using better equipment and taking more impressive photos. 

As you listen to feedback from your fans, you’ll be able to create more appealing content that you can sell for more cash. 

popular feet niches for content ideas

There are many sub-niches that feet lovers look for online. You can offer all of them or just some based on your preferences and the requests of your fans. 

Nail Polish

This is one of the most popular feet pic categories, and many fans will pay for your freshly painted toenails. You can either take photos of your nail polish or even take pics of yourself applying it. 

Fans can ask you for unique nail designs or choose the nail polish color you apply. You’ll receive special requests in your inbox, and you can create photos according to the specifications fans require. 

Unless you put the nail polish on the screen, choosing gel polish will be a better option. It always looks neat, and your feet will look beautiful and sexy. 


Creating Feet pics that focus on the soles is another popular niche. Many feet fans love to see soft soles, so you must take care of them. 

Putting lotions and creams on your feet will keep the skin soft and supple. You can also take photos of yourself applying foot care products. 

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Sweaty and Dirty

There’s a big market for the pics and videos of sweaty and dirty feet. Yet, creating those kinds of pics and videos isn’t always easy. 

You want to make them look sexy while sticking to the idea of having dirty feet. So, they would still be well-maintained, and you could still use your artistic talents to take good photos. 

You can post pics of your feet after walking barefoot for a while, walking in the mud, or working out. Listen to what your fans suggest, and you might get more ideas. 

High Heels

High Heels are very sexy, and many fans would love to pay for feet pics in high heels. You must buy a decent footwear collection and try different angles and poses to take the best pics. 

Think carefully about the heel designs that accentuate your feet. Do your feet look sexier in open-toe designs? Do platform heels make your legs and feet look outstanding? Luckily, there are various designs to choose from, and you can get inspired by other adult models or watch out for fans’ suggestions. 

You can focus on your heels while you’re walking or sitting to show off your sexy feet. Different colors and designs will make your heel pics more popular, and you can sell them on multiple platforms. 


Many people love stockings and fishnets, and taking pics of your feet while wearing them will attract many fans. But that’s not all. 

You can set up a virtual store on some platforms to sell your used stockings. Fans who love your content will gladly pay for it. 

Moreover, fishnet and stocking feet pictures will be an excellent option if you don’t have time to apply nail polish or haven’t taken care of your feet for some time. 

Showing Face

Selling feet pics doesn’t have to be about showing your feet only. There are different compositions you can consider, where you can show your face, your nude body, and your feet. 

Taking artistic photos requires trying different props and accessories. See how other models show off their assets and consider creating your own style. You might also want to hire a professional photographer to snap some good shots of you. 

Male Feet

Believe it or not, even as a male model, you have a substantial money-making opportunity by selling your feet pics. Many fans will be interested in buying your content and even send suggestions in your DM. 

Although you won’t use nail polish, you must apply lotion and cream to make your feet look neat and healthy. Doing regular pedicures will also keep your feet looking their best. 

How to Choose the Best Website to Sell Feet Pics

We said earlier that choosing the right platform is the first step in making money from selling your feet pics. Here are a few factors to consider before committing to one platform. 

Before you think about the platform’s reach, you should make sure that the platform is legit. It should be aligned with the local and international laws so you don’t get into trouble. 

This means that your adult content website will have a good policy regarding the age verification process and financial transactions. The website should guarantee the safety of content creators and users. 

Generally speaking, most adult online platforms have nothing against Feet content because it’s not considered extreme. Unless you want to include it in another extreme niche like humiliation, in this case, some platforms might not be that welcoming, and breaking the rules can get your content deleted and your account suspended. 

Platform’s Reputation

The reputation of the platform matters a lot. You may want to join online community forums to evaluate the experience of other content creators on the platform. 

You want to ensure you use a reliable platform that won’t steal your money. You should also guarantee that the platform won’t control or use your content without your consent or permission. 

Audience and Reach

Various platforms cater to the needs of different audience segments. So, think about your target audience. 

Ask yourself about the kind of content that might appeal to your target audience. Evaluate the competition on the platform and consider the niche you want to focus on because some platforms aren’t famous for certain niches or sub-niches. 

Some websites are dedicated to feet pics, although they might offer other content. Others are famous for other niches, but you can still profit from selling your feet pics. In all cases, studying and comparing different platforms is crucial. 

Technical Features

It’s essential to evaluate the technical features of the platform. Features like video quality and upload limits can affect the visibility and reach of your content. 

You should make sure that you choose a user-friendly website. An intuitive interface will enhance your platform and help you increase the number of fans.  

Monetization Options

Not all platforms work equally, and each one can offer different monetization streams and options to suit different adult content creators. Some platforms offer subscriptions and menu tipping options, while others will allow you to make money from pay-per-view messages. 

Several platforms allow content creators to make money without even creating adult content. They can sell various tangible products on their platform. 

Livestreams and special requests also represent an excellent money-making opportunity. So, if the platform allows the creation of this unique content, you can earn more cash. 

Community and Interaction Features

Building a supportive community is the key to success on any adult content creation platform. Look for a platform that supports content creators by allowing fans to interact with them by writing comments and replies, liking their posts, and leveraging their livestreams. 

All these interaction options help strengthen the relationship between the content creator and their fans. They also lead to an increase in their loyalty and visibility on the platform. 

Best Websites and apps to sell Feet pics

5 Best Websites and Apps to Sell Feet Pics

Luckily, as a model, you have many options for choosing the right website. Each platform works differently and has pros and cons, so you can compare them and see which works for you. 


OnlyFans is the number one social media platform for adult content creators. Although it features different channels for fitness, modeling, sports, and cooking, adult content is the most popular one. You can sell Feet pics on OnlyFans easily.

How It Works

Adult content creators can quickly sign up and create their own accounts. After verifying your personal information and age, you can post and share all your feet pics and videos. 

OnlyFans allows many adult niches, so you can focus on creating feet content until you’ve found another niche where you can excel as one of the top models. But since there are about 2 million content creators on OnlyFans, you’ll take time to shine on this platform. 

Establishing your platform and fan base will be challenging if you’re still a beginner. However, becoming a popular content creator on OnlyFans takes some tips and tricks. 

In order to become a successful content creator on OnlyFans, you should use different content creation tools, including selling feet pics and videos, showing off your feet in live streams, and responding to the special requests your fans send in direct messages. 

Moreover, you can make money from selling your worn socks, stockings, and underwear if you don’t have time to create Feet pictures. 

Once you’ve achieved some success on the platform, you can sign up for the affiliate program, where you can promote other content creators, sexual products, and non-sexual products. You can also sign up for the referral program that grants you up to $50,000 per referred creator. 

This platform protects content creators’ rights by keeping 20% of the revenue. Models can cash their money any time they like, with a minimum of $20. But, the most crucial issue regarding this platform is how it keeps updating its terms and conditions. 

OnlyFans has several restrictions on various niches and sub-niches, so you should avoid referring to any restricted content or words while posting pics or videos. 


  • It is one of the most popular platforms with a massive number of users. 
  • A versatile platform for softcore and hardcore content, giving you several options if you want to create Feet pics. 
  • Offers several content monetization options from live streams to PPV messages, digital content per request, menu items, and physical products. 
  • Creators can earn more cash through referral and affiliate programs. 
  • Adult content creators can withdraw their money any time they like. 
  • Content creators can make money by selling physical goods if they haven’t got time to create digital content. 


  • The competition is fierce, so content creators must go the extra mile to shine among other models and stars. 
  • The website is pretty strict regarding some niches and kinks, so your account can easily get suspended. 
  • Users can only keep 80% of their earnings, no matter how long they’ve been using the platform, even if it’s the only one they use. 

Here are some of the best OnlyFans Feet Creators to follow.


FeetFinder is an adult content website that is mainly dedicated to feet pics and videos. This is one of the most popular platforms among users who like feet content and will be the perfect starting point in your adult content creation journey if this is the niche you prefer. 

How It Works

On FeetFinder, you’ll find different feet categories, so this will help you categorize and sell the photos and videos you take. And since it’s solely dedicated to foot fetish, you’ll gain colossal visibility and fantastic exposure to the right people who are actually looking for this type of content. 

But it only gets better. Adult content creators can also post other content unrelated to feet. So, you can create a video that focuses on feet while performing other sexual acts, or you can post a photo where you show your feet and boobs together. 

Unlike other platforms, FeetFinder isn’t free for content creators. You should pay $4.99 per month, $14.99 per year, or a lifetime subscription of $40. This subscription is worth it, as you can make up to $20 for every pic you sell. 

The best thing about FeetFinder is that it gives adult content creators more freedom to monetize their content and set prices. Users can choose millions of content creators, and content creators will get exposed to millions of fans. So, you can sell a good photo unlimited times and make massive money by focusing on creating unique content. 

Since this website is devoted to adult content, it’s not as strict as OnlyFans and other platforms that ban specific kinks and niches. This gives you more flexibility when you’re creating your adult content. It can also help you come up with a unique niche where you can show your feet within a certain setting, like BDSM or humiliation. 

Beginner content creators, in particular, find this platform pretty helpful because there’s a whole blog section they can check out. The website’s developers constantly offer helpful content that teaches adult content creators the best way to sell and market their content and achieve success on the platform. 

But that’s not all. Creators get to keep 90% of their earnings, which is something they can’t get with most platforms. However, you should be aware of the many scammers on this platform. No content creator should ever send feet pictures without receiving their money first. 


  • Dedicated to Feet content, so you’ll instantly get exposed to the right audience. 
  • There’s room for different sub-niches related to feet pics. 
  • The platform isn’t as restrictive as OnlyFans, which doesn’t tolerate specific kinks. 
  • A blog offers educational and helpful content to teach beginner content creators how to create and market their adult content. 
  • Creators get to keep 90% of their earnings. 


  • This platform isn’t free, and you have to pay a subscription to be able to post your adult content. 
  • There’s a large number of scammers on the website. 
  • Since it’s dedicated to feet pics, the competition will be high, and you have to offer unique content to stand out. 

Sell Feet Pics on DollarFeet

DollarFeet is one of the legitimate websites you can use to market and sell feet pictures and videos. It’s one of the popular platforms where you can make hundreds of dollars from selling your digital content. 

How It Works

Unlike other platforms that allow you to engage with the audience and sell your feet pics and videos to your fans, you can sell your digital content directly to DollarFeet. This reduces stress, especially if you’re still a beginner. 

Signing up for this website is pretty straightforward. Adult content creators must complete an application form to verify their identity and age. They also have to include their shoe size, weight, and height. 

DollarFeet takes this application seriously because not everyone will be accepted. The platform wants to ensure they hire the right people because payment is guaranteed. 

As a result, a crucial part of the application process is posting a sample video that shows your face and feet simultaneously. Many people aren’t comfortable doing that, but it’s a crucial part of getting accepted on the platform. 

This website focuses on the quality of the adult content posted and sold. So, you’ll need to work hard to make sure that you create and post high-quality and innovative content. The most common categories on this platform are feet soles, dirty feet, and content where you show your feet and face together. 

There’s also a helpful blog that you can check out regularly. It offers tips and tricks about taking the best feet pics and videos, so you can learn more about attracting clients on this platform. 

A simple video or pic can be sold for $10, but most content creators can make up to $100 for premium videos that last about 10 minutes. You’ll get paid within eight to 24 hours. 


  • The platform takes a lot of stress off beginners’ shoulders. 
  • It’s dedicated to foot content, so you’re already engaged with the right audience. 
  • You’ll get paid for your digital content on the spot. 
  • Helpful blog posts can help you become a better foot model. 


  • Not everyone is accepted on the platform. 
  • You’ll have to send a video that shows your feet and face as part of the application process. 

Sell Feet Pics on JustForFans

JustForFans is an adult content creation website that is created by a former adult movie star. As a result, this platform is a safe haven for those who want to create kinky feet pics and sell them. 

How It Works

On JFF, you can offer your feet pics and videos as part of your subscription-based content or tip menu items. The website sets the subscription limit from $5 to $50, yet most adult content creators set their subscription to $10 or $15. 

Although most adult websites focus on the male heterosexual audience, JFF is different. It’s more gay-friendly, so it will be a great website to explore if you’re a male or female content creator who wants to sell their content to a gay audience. As a result, it will be an excellent platform if you’re interested in a gay kink. 

As a beginner content creator, this website offers a special Paywalled Feed feature. As users browse the website for the models they like, they will see blurred thumbnails of the content offered by new content creators. After that, they’ll either choose to pay for a single piece of content or commit to a long-term subscription. 

In addition to your adult content, you can sell tangible items in your physical store. This will work for you if you don’t have time to create digital content. The messages are free to view, so you can check your messages to see what your fans request. 

As an adult content creator, you can be charged according to two systems. If you post your content on other websites, you’ll get to keep 80% of your channel’s earnings. However, if JustForFans is your exclusive platform, you’ll keep 85% of your earnings. Moreover, the minimum payout is $50, higher than most other websites. 


  • It’s more suitable for gay and bisexual content creators. 
  • Beginner content creators get more exposure on the home page. 
  • The website allows content creators to upload kinky digital content. 
  • Users can sell physical goods in their online shop. 
  • Content creators who use JFF exclusively get to keep more of their earnings. 


  • There’s a minimum payout of $50, which is higher than most other websites. 
  • This website isn’t as user-friendly as other popular platforms and looks a bit outdated. 

Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet app:

Instafeet is a social media platform where foot lovers can find foot pictures and videos to buy. Just as you might have guessed, this website is dedicated to foot fetish content, so it shortens your journey if you’re struggling to find the right audience. 

How It Works

Instafeet is an adult content app for models who sell feet pics and fans who would gladly pay for them. It has a huge social media presence on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, currently known as X. This means that by making yourself well-known on Instafeet, fans who use these platforms will also learn about your channel. 

Users and models can download this app to their phones and computers. So, you must check that it’s available at your location and that you aren’t breaking any laws by using it. 

This app sets a minimum price of $5 per pic, but there’s no maximum amount. But since the sky is the limit, some adult content creators tend to overcharge. Unfortunately, this isn’t always in their favor due to the fierce competition. 

Beginner adult content creators are advised not to overcharge their content, or fans won’t be interested in buying their pics and videos. At the same time, models shouldn’t keep their prices too low. So, setting a fee of $10 will be appropriate. 

But that’s not all. Users can pay a subscription to view all the exclusive content, rate models, talk with them, and invite their friends to join the platform. You can also work with other models to promote your content. 

But this isn’t the only way to make money on this app. As a matter of fact, models have higher money-making chances by checking out their private messages. Fans would regularly send models messages specifying their requirements. You can set a higher price once you create this unique digital content. 

Women over 18 can join the app and post and upload pictures and videos. However, male users can only browse the platform and buy digital content. Male models can’t sell their feet pics or videos on Instafeet. 

Yet, even before they can do this, models have to go through an application process. They can start posting content on the platform if their application is approved. After that, they’re recommended to post at least five pics to gain more fans. It’s also worth mentioning that Instafeet charges all models 10% of every sale they make. 


  • Users can download the app on their phones and computers. 
  • The platform has a significant social media presence, and you can promote your content on different platforms. 
  • Models have the flexibility to set their prices. 
  • Users can view their favorite subscription-based content or pay for individual pieces. 


  • Male models aren’t allowed on the platform. 
  • There’s no physical store to sell tangible items. 

P.S. How To Sell Feet Pics: 5 Best Websites and Apps To Sell Feet Pics

There’s a huge market for feet pics and videos, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned adult content creator. Finding your favorite niche and the most suitable platform is crucial, as this will allow you to create the right content for the right people. 

Luckily, many people are interested in buying feet pictures and videos, even if you’re creating them for the first time. In addition to the regular content you post on your platform, you’ll usually receive special requests in your inbox, and people will ask you for unique content. 

There are many apps and websites where you can post, sell, and market your feet pics and videos. Evaluating the differences between these platforms is crucial to find the most suitable one. 

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