Top 10 Foot Fetish Sex Toys To Buy For Foot Fetishists

What are some of the top Foot Fetish sex toys that you should buy? This article helps you introduce the top 10 toys if you have a foot fetish.

best foot fetish sex toys for people with foot fetish

In this article, we have introduced the top ten-foot fetish sex toys that you should be buying. If you are looking to find creators, we have listed the top OnlyFans feet creators to follow. Also, there are other sites like FeetFinder where you can find creators, buy their subscription, and have a foot fetish sexting with them.

Gone are the days when sex toys were limited to masturbators, cocks, and vibrators. Nowadays, you can satisfy your sexual desires with silicone dummies, cock rings, pocket pussies, ticklers, and hundreds of other sexual accessories.

Foot fetishism has become so common that there is a separate category of foot fetish sex toys that you can include in your collection to satisfy your love for feet.

In this guide, we have discussed foot fetish sex toys and their type. Moreover, we have reviewed the top ten-foot fetish sex toys that are a dream come true for foot lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down till the end to find your favorite one. 

Foot Fetish Sex Toys: What Are They?

The term “foot fetishism” refers to a person’s sexual attraction and admiration for the feet of another person. A foot fetish person loves to see, touch, kiss, lick, and even sniff the feet of their lovers.

The love for feet has become so common that several dedicated websites and platforms host models selling their foot content, and millions of foot fetishists invest in buying it. 

Although foot fetishism, or podophilia, can be found in any gender, mostly men have a fetish for female feet. However, regardless of your gender, if you are someone with a sexual admiration for feet, we have good news for you.

There are several sex toys available in the market that you can play with to satisfy your foot fetish cravings. Below is a list of foot fetish sex toys that you can use to indulge in unique foot fetish experiences.

Types of Foot Fetish Sex Toys

Foot fetish toys are categorized into the following types that a person with a love for feet can select based on their interests:

  • Silicon Foot Replicas: These foot fetish sex toys are made of silicon and replicate the physical features of human feet (mostly female.) Foot lovers can invest in these foot replicas to satisfy their desires to kiss, sniff, touch, and lick their feet. Moreover, these toys have vaginal and anal openings for more exclusive experiences.
  • Bondage Foot Fetish Toys: If you want to practice foot fetishism with your real-life partner, consider investing in foot fetish sex toys like toe spreaders, foot binders, and foot cuffs. These toys are usually part of foreplay or impact play during sexual encounters.
  • Foot Wear or Adornments: If you want foot fetish sex toys to enhance the beauty or appearance of your feet, consider investing in footwear, jewelry, stockings, props, etc.

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The Top 10 Foot Fetish Sex Toys To Buy For Foot Fetishists

By now, we have learned about the types of foot fetish toys and what they are used for. Luckily for you, we dived into the world of foot fetish sex toys and have picked the ten most exclusive ones.

If you are a foot lover, these are the sex toys that you need to add to your collection:

The following is the list of the foot fetish sex toys:

  1. Alice's Feet
  2. Abby's Feet
  3. Patricia Feet
  4. Silicone Half-Sex Doll
  5. Andy’s Feet
  6. Foot Tickler
  7. Sexy Stockings and Heels 
  8. Leather Foot Restraining Booties
  9. Foot Bondage and BDSM Accessories
  10. Foot Oils, Lotions, and Foot Care Items

Let's discuss each of these foot fetish sex toys in detail:

1. Alice’s Feet

Alice Feet

For a foot enthusiast looking to get intimate with a sexy pair of female feet, Alice's Feet is a dream come true. These realistic-looking feet are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and are modeled after a woman's US size 6 feet. Everything in Alice's feet, from the fingers to the toes and arches, is detailed, ensuring a life-like sensory experience.

Are you ready to know the best part about Alice’s feet? These TPE feet feature an opening at the top of the ankle, giving the impression of a woman’s vagina. So, once you are done touching and kissing the feet, you can have a climax in the hole. However, remember to thoroughly clean the feet after masturbation in order to protect them from bacteria and mold. 

2. Abby’s Feet

Abby Feet sex toy

If you have a kink for touching and feeling a woman's feet, Abby's feet are unrivaled in their realism. These silicon feet are crafted to so much detail that users report they are hard to differentiate from reality. Each piece is handmade and is given equal attention in order to ensure delivering a premium experience for foot fetishists.

Although the price for Abby's Feet is slightly higher, given its realism, we believe it is justified. After all, nothing original comes at a cheap price. However, users can choose between three versions of Abby's Feet: perfect tier, super platinum, and platinum. The prices for each tier are variable, allowing you to select according to your budget and liking.

3. Patricia’s Feet

Patricia Feet sex toy for foot fetish

Are you looking for a foot-fetish sex toy that satisfies all your sexual fantasies? If yes, Patricia’s Feet is a go-to option. The best part about Patricia’s Feet is the two holes on each of them. The hole on the sole resembles a real vaginal opening, whereas the one on the ankle is as tight as your dream ass hole. 

Moreover, the price for Patricia’s feet is relatively lower compared to other silicon feet with similar features. So, whether you want to lick a woman’s feet or want to explore her sexy holes, this foot fetish sex toy has both options for you. Remember to keep your pair of Patricia's Feet clean so you can enjoy them for longer.

4. Silicone Half Sex Doll With Legs, Ass, and Feet

Silicone half leg sex doll for people with foot fetish

Why limit yourself to feet when you can get more easily? This half-sex doll is the perfect foot fetish toy for those who admire women's legs and, of course, her openings. The distinctive part about this foot fetish sex toy is that it can be custom-made, allowing you to add and subtract features based on your preferences.

For example, if you want your sex dolls to come with a pair of stockings or a hairy pubic area, you can customize everything. This innovative sex toy is equipped with human-like bones and joints, allowing you to explore various angles and positions while having sexual encounters. 

5. Andy’s Feet

Andy Feet

Who said that only men can have a fetish for female feet? If you think so, you need to reconsider. Several women also have a fetish for feet and would love to have a sex toy to satisfy their desires. If you are one of them, Andy’s feet are the perfect pair of male feet for you. This foot fetish sex toy is molded after a male flight attendant, called Andy.

Considering the limited number of male silicone feet on the market, Andy’s Feet is the top choice for foot fetishists. The best part about Andy’s Feet is the tight butt hole in the ankle, allowing you to get intimate with this real-looking sex toy. 

6. Foot Tickler

Foot Tickler

We are not here to discuss foot replicas only, right? So, if foot masturbators or silicone feet are not your thing, we have other options for you. For anyone searching for a minimalistic and fun foot fetish toy, a foot tickler is the perfect prop to start with. You can use a foot tickler as part of sexual foreplay and satisfy your fetishes at the same time.

Surprisingly, if you begin looking for a foot tickler on the market, you will discover hundreds of options ranging in size, color, price, and texture. From a black long foot tickler to a cropped and whipped one, you can select the one that suits your budget and fantasies.

7. Sexy Stockings and Heels 

Sexy Stockings

Some foot fetishists do not need objects or props to get turned on. Instead, they get aroused just by looking at perfect legs or feet. For such fetishists, we have fishnet stockings and pantyhose on the list. You can buy a sexy stockings pair to enhance the physical appeal of your lower legs and feet or get them for your partner to satisfy your kinks.

When looking for stockings, you can find unlimited varieties on the counter. You can utilize online sources or check the nearest markets to get yourself a stocking pair as your foot fetish sex toy. Moreover, you can invest in high heels, stinky footwear, and strap shoes as a foot fetish toy. 

8. Leather Foot Restraining Booties

Leather Foot Restricting booties

The black leather foot restraining booties are nothing new for foot fetishists. They are a well-known BSDM foot fetish prop that you can use to satisfy your kinks. These faux leather shoes are ideal for kissing, tickling, and teasing your partner's feet. With a complete set of buckles, zippers, and ropes, these restraining booties are perfect for playing with feet.

The best part about these leather restraining booties is that they are unisex and one-size-fits-all, allowing everyone to enjoy them despite their size or gender. 

9. Foot Bondage and BDSM Accessories

Foot Bondage and BDSM Accessories

From leg spreaders to ankle cuffs and soft hogties, dozens of BDSM accessories can satisfy your foot fetishism. You can use these interactive sex toys to twist, tie, strain, or manipulate your partner’s feet and get playful with them. However, remember that regardless of the BDSM props you are using, you must always have your partner’s consent and pleasure involved. Any forceful or nonconsensual sexual activity is unethical and not discouraged. 

Moreover, in order to use these foot bondage accessories, you must have experience with them. Mishandling or misusing these sensitive toys can cause strain or pain in your partner.

10. Foot Oils, Lotions, and Foot Care Items

foot oils, lotions for people with foot fetish

Many foot fetishists enjoy the pleasure of foot massage to satisfy their kinks. You can invest in lotions and oils to practice foot massaging with your partner. Although foot care items do not specifically fall under the category of foot fetish sex toys, you can use them to bring fun and joy to your sex sessions.

Another distinctive part about these products is that they are flavored, edible, warm, and silky, allowing you to explore your fetishes with all your senses.

P.S. Top 10 Foot Fetish Sex Toys To Buy For Foot Fetishists

From silicone feet to half-leg dolls and foot bondage accessories, the world of foot fetishism is full of endless surprises.

As a foot fetishist, you can add all these sex toys to your collection or choose the ones that suit your tastes and sexual desires. Regardless of the foot fetish sex toy you use, remember to ask permission from your partner and ensure their sexual pleasure.

We sincerely hope our all-rounder collection of foot-fetish sex toys has helped you find the ones that suit your kinks and desires. 

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