Foot Slave: 9 Tips to Be a Good Slave of Feet

How do you be a good foot slave? In this article, we have explained and shared different tips and tricks to be a good foot slave to your dommie.

Foot slave 9 Tips to be a Good Slave of your Feet

Do you want to become the ideal foot slave that any dominatrix would ask for? Or are you looking for tips and methods to please your master by worshipping her? If yes, this comprehensive guide is written exclusively for you. 

In this guide, we have gone over the specifics of foot worship and how an ideal foot slave behaves. Furthermore, we have covered the factors you should be aware of when submitting to your partner as a foot slave. So, for anyone interested in learning the art of becoming a foot slave, this blog is the perfect and informative resource. 

Foot slave How to be a Good Foot slave

The 9 Best Ways to Become a Good Foot Slave

Now that we have looked into and learned about the hype surrounding foot slavery, it is not surprising that you would want to become an obedient foot slave. However, you must be thinking about how to please your master and her pretty feet. Well, you do not have to worry anymore. 

Below is a list of methods and tips you can use to become a desirable foot slave:

  1. A Good Foot Slave is a good foot worshiper
  2. Good Foot slaves take care of their master's Feet.
  3. A Good Foot Slave Loves To Lick Feet
  4. They suck their master's toes.
  5. A Good Foot Slave Enjoys The Scent Of His Domme’s Feet
  6. A Foot Slave Admires Everything About His Partner’s Feet
  7. A Foot Slave Sends Tributes and Gifts to His Dominatrix
  8. A Good Foot Slave Includes Foot Submission During Sex
  9. You Can Also Practice Foot Slavery in Online Relationships

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Let's discuss each of the following in detail:

1.  A Good Foot Slave is a Good Foot Worshiper

This formula is simple and straightforward; in order to become an ideal foot slave, you must master the art of pleasing her with foot worship. It may include kneeling down to praise and honor your master’s feet or putting your head on them. You can also satisfy your domme by placing her feet on your face or chest.

Foot Worship is basically a combination of every act you can perform to gain your domme’s pleasure. It can range from feet praising and might go to the extremes of foot licking and toe sucking. So, it depends on you and your dominatrix to determine what brings you both mutual and consensual pleasure. 

2. A Good Foot Slave Takes Care of His Master’s Feet

Foot slavery is more than just worshiping your mistress' feet; you must also include a foot care routine to maintain their hygiene, appearance, and health. For example, you can give your domme a home-based pedicure or pay for her foot care appointment at a salon. Moreover, you can learn the techniques and methods of a relaxing foot and leg massage. 

An obedient foot slave prioritizes the pleasure of his master and goes above and beyond to bring her lasting satisfaction. Foot massages are an excellent method of giving your master a relaxing pleasure and bringing you both closer to each other. 

3. A Good Foot Slave Loves To Lick Feet

Foot licking is another common practice of foot slaves to satisfy their kinks. It is an act of submitting to your domme and pleasing her by licking her feet from top to bottom. However, you must take the permission and consent of your partner before licking her feet, as everyone does not find pleasure in it. For example, some people are extra ticklish or hygienic and do not like the idea of someone running their tongues across their feet. 

So, before you pursue any type of kink, consider discussing it with your partner. However, if you are in a BDSM relationship and your master orders you to brush her feet with your tongue, you must immediately kneel down to do so.

4. A Good Foot Slave Sucks His Master’s Toes to Please Her

For anyone who loves seeing foot art, you must have seen a slave licking his domme’s feet as a form of submission. In contrast, in BDSM relationships, a master would forcefully put her toe in her slave’s mouth as a symbol of power and dominance. So, regardless of your situation, whether you are doing it yourself or your master wants to do it, every foot slave must know how to give a pleasurable toe-sucking expression.

Toe sucking can be commanded as a form of punishment by your master, or it can be incorporated into your sexual foreplay. No matter what the scenarios are, you, as a foot slave, must know how to satisfy your partner by sucking her toes. 

5. A Good Foot Slave Enjoys The Scent Of His Domme’s Feet

Do you feel naturally attracted to the scent of your girlfriend’s feet? Or have you caught yourself secretly sniffing your partner’s shoes or socks? If you answered yes, that is what a good slave must do. Many foot fetishists are sexually drawn to the smell of women's feet and would love to sniff them while kissing or licking. 

As a foot slave, you can spice up things and give your partner’s feet the smell of your liking. For example, drip some chocolate sauce or vanilla cream on those pretty feet to enjoy your feet sniffing and licking experiences. However, remember to maintain hygiene when involved in activities like toe sucking, kissing, foot licking, or sniffing to avoid the chances of STDs or STIs.

6. A Good Foot Slave Admires Everything About His Partner’s Feet

Foot fetishism is everything about the love of feet. If you are not naturally, physically, and sexually attracted to your partner’s feet, you cannot become a desirable foot slave. Therefore, as a foot slave, you must constantly compliment and express your admiration for your master’s feet. You can leave random appreciation comments, like “I love this red nail paint on those pretty toes of yours” or “Your feet are looking prettier than yesterday.”

On the other hand, you can also compliment your domme’s feet while worshipping them. For example, you can say, “I would lick your feet as my breakfast for the rest of my life,” or  “If foot fetishism was a religion, you must be the goddess.” Leaving such comments and compliments on your master's foot demonstrates your gratitude and commitment to becoming her slave.

7. A Good Foot Slave Sends Tributes and Gifts to His Dominatrix

Foot slavery is not limited to physical worship and love alone; instead, it demands more things like costly gifts and expensive tributes. A desirable foot slave must seek his partner’s satisfaction and pleasure by sending her valuables. For example, you can surprise her with a new pair of heels, get an expensive toe ring, or bring the sexiest pair of stockings according to her liking. 

Moreover, you can also sponsor her shopping or book saloon or spa appointments for her foot care. So, whatever your relationship or partner demands, you must always be ready to fulfill her requirements. Eventually, as a foot slave, your main goal must be to seek the pleasure and satisfaction of your partner. 

8. A Good Foot Slave Includes Foot Submission During Sex

As an ideal foot slave, you must feel the need to submit to your master’s feet in all situations. For example, you can include submission to your partner’s foot during sex with your partner. For example, you can involve foot kissing, sniffing, or licking as a part of sexual foreplay. Moreover, you can also request foot jobs from your master to satisfy your foot fetish kinks. 

9. You Can Also Practice Foot Slavery in Online Relationships

Foot worshiping or foot slavery extends beyond physical relationships with real-life partners. Instead, you can also become a foot slave in a virtual or online relationship. Hundreds of thousands of online platforms have been introduced, hosting the sexiest foot models who are always ready to become your dominatrixes.

Platforms like OnlyFans and FeetFinder are the top places to practice foot fetishism and foot slavery. On these channels, you can find millions of adult creators who upload the hottest foot fetish content to satisfy your kinks. As a foot slave, you can send your domme tributes in the form of gift cards or cash. Moreover, foot slaves can also engage in private chats or calls to express their fascination and desire to submit to their dommes. 

Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Foot Slave In A Safe Way

Although foot fetishism is becoming increasingly common among people, you must take the necessary measures to practice it while protecting your privacy. Below are some factors you must take care of while practicing foot slavery.

1. Protect Your Privacy

When getting into a foot-fetishist relationship with an online model, always remember to use a safe and legitimate platform that prioritizes the security of your private information and chats. FeetFinder and OnlyFans are such reliable places where you can practice foot fetishism and foot slavery with the sexiest foot models without worrying about privacy breaches.

Furthermore, when entering a submissive relationship as a foot slave, remember not to share any confidential information, such as bank account information, with your domme. You must always keep control of your spending and send tributes or gifts according to your preferences.

2. Take Care of Your Foot Hygiene

If you practice as a foot slave physically, always prioritize your oral health. Ensure your partner’s feet are clean and well-washed before you place your lips or tongue on them. Moreover, you must also check if your partner has an ongoing foot allergy or infection to avoid the chances of getting any sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

We understand that your sexual pleasure and desire are linked to your kink for women's feet; you must always get the permission of your partner before practicing foot submission. Sometimes, women do not like the idea of getting their feet kissed, licked, or worshipped, and any such acts might cause inconvenience to them.

Therefore, before you get into a foot submission relationship with your partner, it is critical to obtain her consent and ensure that she enjoys it as much as you do. Moreover, you must also take your girlfriend’s feedback after acting as a foot slave to see if she really enjoyed it or not. 

P.S. Foot Slave: How to Be a Good Foot Slave? | A Complete Guide

Foot fetishists and their desire to submit to their domme’s feet are as old as time. With time, new avenues like online foot fetish websites are introduced to help you practice your kinks in a safe environment. However, it is necessary to maintain your boundaries, obtain your partner’s consent, and never force your kinks on anyone. 

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you understand everything you need to know about becoming an ideal foot slave.

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