10 Best Foot Fetish Dating Sites | With a Detailed Review

What are some of the best Foot fetish dating sites or apps or platforms where you can find a partner who also has a foot fetish? We have listed a number of the best Kinky sites where you can sign up to find a partner.

Best Foot Fetish Dating Sites or apps
Best Foot Fetish Dating Sites or platforms

Are you looking for a foot fetishist near you to have a fun dating experience? Would you like to know the most secure methods of finding people who have this fetish in your area? In either case, you have landed on the perfect guide.

Foot fetishism has become so popular that it is no longer a new topic for anyone. From content monetization websites to online dating platforms, you can see foot fetishism as a prevailing category.

Searching for a perfect foot fetish dating partner can be both; risky and challenging. This is where dating sites for people with this fetish come to the rescue and offer you a safe space to explore your nearby options.

In this blog, we have discussed foot fetish dating and methods to find a partner.

We have reviewed the 10 most suitable foot fetish dating sites to help you navigate a companion with mutual interests. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and explore. 

Foot Fetish Dating: What Is It? 

what is Foot fetish dating
What is foot fetish dating? explained

Gone are the days when foot fetishism was considered absurd and people were hesitant to express their admiration for feet. From foot content monetization to foot fetish dating, there are a multitude of methods to satisfy your kinks.

The term “foot fetish dating” refers to finding individuals who share the same interest in feet. It is like navigating individuals with the same fetishes and finding your perfect match.

As with any other dating relationship, respect, mutual consent, understanding, and boundaries must be respected in foot fetish dating relationships. Moreover, when looking for dating partners, you must ensure that you look through reliable sources in order to protect your privacy. 

Methods of Finding Foot Fetish Dating Partners

We now know that foot fetish dating is a large and well-known niche; let us look at some methods for finding your foot love companion. Below is a list of methods to find your foot dating partners and explore your fetishes with mutual consent:

  • Local Meetups and Networking Events: If you live in a big city like New York, you can join various social meetups where people meet to share their hobbies, interests, and fetishes. As a foot lover, you can visit these gatherings and look for people who share a love for feet and would want to explore them with you.
  • Social Media Communities and Groups: Social media platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook host dozens of fetish communities where people share their kinks and meet others with the same interests. You can also navigate these groups and join them to find your foot fetish dating partner.
  • Foot Fetish Clubs: Did you know that cities like Miami, Florida, and Las Vegas have clubs dedicated to foot lovers? If not, now you do. You can also search for such fun clubs in your city and have fun searching for your foot-fetish dating companion.
  • Foot Fetish Dating Sites: One of the most secure and reliable methods of finding your foot fetish partner is through online dating sites. These platforms are dedicated to fetishists and allow you to navigate your preferred matches while protecting your privacy. 

Foot Fetish Dating Sites and Apps

Among all other methods of finding your foot fetish dating partner, we recommend you go for online foot fetish dating sites and apps. The foot fetish apps for dating are dedicated platforms that welcome individuals with a knack for fetishism.

The best part about searching for your fetish partner through these websites is that you can communicate your interests openly without any hesitation. 

Moreover, you can leverage the benefits of internet anonymity and explore your interests while remaining unknown.

Not only this but reliable foot fetish dating sites ensure your privacy, meaning that you can have virtual dating relationships without compromising your boundaries. Other benefits of foot fetish dating sites include mutual interests, respect, open communication, privacy, and access to a multitude of options.

10 Best Foot Fetish Dating Sites To Explore Your Love For Feet 

Since we have evaluated the many benefits of using foot fetish sites for dating to find your virtual companion, it is time we review the most reliable options on the market. The sites and apps discussed below are safe, secure, and fetish-friendly, and they allow you to navigate your options without any NSFW boundaries. 

Below is a list of the top 10 foot dating sites that you can join and turn your fetish desires into reality:

  1. Fetisher.co
  2. Fetish.com
  3. AdultFriendFinder
  4. Alt.com
  5. Fuck - Me
  6. Ashley Medison
  7. Unlimdate
  8. Fetishdate.XXX
  9. EzHookups
  10. 99Hookups

1. Fetisher.co | The Best Foot Fetish Dating Site

Fetisher .co the best Foot Fetish dating site
Fetisher .co the best Foot Fetish dating site

Fetisher is a unique and exceptional dating platform that connects people with various fetishes and allows them to establish romantic relationships. With Fetisher.co, you can enjoy exploring your fantasies while living in a community of people who accept you as you are.

The best part about joining the Fetisher community is that it is not limited to any specific kink or fetish. So, whether you are a BDSM enthusiast, a Findom lover, or a foot fetishist, you can find all types of matches on Fetisher.co.

Along with hosting a fun-loving and exuberant audience of fetishists, Fetisher.co ensures the on-site security of all users. For this purpose, the platform employs advanced security systems and verification methods, so no scam users or fraudulent profiles can enter the platform’s safe space. So are you ready to navigate through thousands of matches and find your best match in a safe and non-judgmental fetish society? If you answered yes, Fetisher.co is the perfect match.

Click here to join the Fetisher.co wishlist and find your ideal foot fetish dating partners. 

2. Fetish.com | The Perfect Platform To Find A Fetishist Dating Partner

fetish.com the kink postive BDSM Community for fetish dating
fetish.com the kink postive BDSM Community for fetish dating

As the name suggests, Fetish.com is a kink-positive platform where thousands of fetishists meet their dating partners. Whether you are a long-life fetishist or a kinkster, Fetish.com hosts suitable matches for you. The best part about finding your foot fetish dating partner at Fetish.com is that it gives you access to real people with similar interests, allowing you to express your desires to people who will not judge you. 

Another significant feature of Fetish.com is that it allows you to chat with fellow kinksters for free. It means that you do not have to buy any subscription or membership to meet your foot fetish dating partner with Fetish.com. Moreover, the platform verifies every profile, ensuring the legitimacy of all users. 

Fetish.com has also taken an innovative approach and introduced a BDSM Training School where beginner-level fetishists can learn about the dynamics of fetish life and how to practice it safely. Therefore, for anyone in search of a sophisticated, educated, and kinky community, Fetish.com hosts the perfect one for them. 

3. AdultFriendFinder | The Top Dating Website for Adults

largest dating site for adults

Are you looking for a sexy foot fetish dating partner? Would you like to navigate through millions of fetish users and find your best match? In both cases, consider signing up for AdultFriendFinder and accessing a large community of people with unique sexual interests. With experience in the online dating industry, AdultFriendFinder has helped millions of individuals search for their preferred virtual partners.

With AdultFriendFinder, you can save time and energy and find a suitable match within a few minutes. Moreover, the platform allows you to enjoy your fetish relationship on your terms. So, whether you want to keep your online foot fetish dating to live chats or want to meet them in person, this place has all the options for you. 

4. Alt.com | The Best BDSM, Fetish, and Kink Dating Site


With thousands of dominatrixes, BDSM enthusiasts, kinksters, and foot fetishists, Alt.com is one of the most suitable platforms to find your foot fetish dating partner. Whether you want an online partner for live camming or someone who can meet you in person, Alt.com has all the options for you.

The best part about Alt.com is that it is kink-focused, allowing you to find an interested and targeted audience. Moreover, the platform verifies all its models, ensuring that you meet legitimate and professional BDSM partners only. So, are you ready to indulge in some intimate foot fetish play with Alt.com? 

5. Fuck - Me | The Best Dating Site To Meet Foot Fetishists

a dating site for foot fetish

When looking for reliable adult dating platforms, Fuck Me stands as a suitable option. Here, you can find thousands of suitable matches who live near your location and share similar interests. Whether you want a relationship with no strings attached or establish a long-term kink-friendly connection, Fuck Me has got suitable matches for you.

However, in order to search for a foot fetish dating partner with Fuck Me, you must be 18 years or older and pass a verification test. After that, create a detailed profile and use the “discover” option to find a partner with a love for feet.  

6.  Ashley Medison | The Top Platform To Find Foot Fetishists Near You

Ashley Madison Dating site for kinky people

Are you ready to hook up with a foot lover near you? If yes, Ashely Medison might be a suitable match for you.

Ashley Medison is one of the most popular online dating sites, where millions of individuals establish romantic and sexual relationships without any long-term commitments. Once you have created an Ashley Medison profile, just search for foot fetishists near you to fix a date or establish a virtual dating relationship based on your preferences. 

7. Unlimdate | The Ultimate Solution To Finding Your Fetish Dating Partner

unlimdate dating makes easy and fun

Unlimdate is another straightforward and user-friendly platform where foot fetishists can meet partners with mutual interests. From naughty singles to hot waifus and kink enthusiasts, Unlimdate hosts a large sexual community with diverse interests.

In order to find your perfect match with Unlimdate, all you need to do is create an attractive profile and start searching for your preferred users using the search filters. Once you have found a suitable match, you can discuss your interests through chats and continue your fetish relationship based on personal preferences and interests. 

8. Fetishdate.XXX

fetishdate xxx

As the name indicates, Fetishdate.XXX is the perfect online platform to find fetishists and kinksters. As a foot lover, you can find hundreds of suitable matches near you and establish a romantic relationship in a safe environment. The best part about Fetishdate.XXX is that it verifies all its female models, so you do not have to worry about meeting scam profile or unprofessional adult fetishists. 

9. EzHookups.com 

ezhookups a site for hookups with likeminded people

Are you ready to get laid tonight? If you are already excited, EzHookups.com features the sexiest milfs, lonely waifus, and fetish enthusiasts for you.

Whether you want to establish an online romantic relationship through video cams or have an in person dating experience, EzHookups features thousands of verified profiles for you.

EzHookups allows you to find your fetish partners everywhere in the United States, UK, and Australia. So, if you live in any of these three countries, log in with EzHookups now. 

10. 99Hookups

99hookups a chat community for foot fetish

99Hookups is another safe, anonymous, and legitimate online community where you can find suitable romantic matches near you.

From exciting profiles to exciting users and exciting relationships, 99Hookups is everything about excitement and thrill. The best part about 99Hookups is that it allows you to find verified foot fetish dating partners near you and explore mutual interests in a safe environment. 

P.S. The 10 Best Foot Fetish Dating Sites | A Detailed Guide

The foot fetish industry is booming at full pace, opening new avenues and possibilities for foot lovers. With a reliable foot fetish dating site, you can protect your anonymity and find various matches near you. These platforms verify all users on your behalf, eliminating the chances of meeting fake people. 

We sincerely hope the dating platforms discussed in this guide will help you find your perfect foot fetish partner and establish relationships with no strings attached. 

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