FunWithFeet Vs OnlyFans: The Difference Between The Two Platforms

If you are interested in selling your Feet pics and videos, there are different platforms that you can do and two of the platforms are FunWithFeet and OnlyFans. You can sell your Feet pics and make a lot of money.

OnlyFans Vs FunWithFeet what is the difference between two feet selling platforms?
OnlyFans Vs FunWithFeet what is the difference between two feet selling platforms?

What is the difference between FunWithFeet and OnlyFans?

If you are interested in selling Feet pics, there are dozens of platforms where you can sell your Feet pics. Two of the platforms are FunWithFeet Vs. OnlyFans, where you can sell your Feet pics and make money.

Content creators who want to sell their feet pics online will find out that there are a number of ways to go about this business. It depends on what kind of style they have and what kind of setting they prefer for working when it comes to deciding what the best place for a creator is. Some creators prefer anonymity and don’t want to be exposed, while others aren’t hesitant to share full-body pics and reveal their faces.

That being said, there are plenty of places that offer a good selling environment for all-feet content creators. Some sites now support the needs of feet content buyers and sellers in a secure, trustworthy environment and protect their rights to privacy. Two of these sites are FunWithFeet and OnlyFans. In the case of FunWithFeet VS OnlyFans, below you will find the reason that makes each of them great and what sets them apart from each other.

There are other platforms, like FeetFinder, which is the No.1 platform for anyone looking to sell their Feet pics and videos. On FeetFinder, you can make money by getting paying subscribers who pay you a monthly fee in order to view your content; you can make money by selling your Feet albums which is something you can create once and could be bought unlimited times; you can also receive a Tip from your fans.

FeetFinder if compared to OnlyFans or FunWithFeet is the best website for selling your Feet pics. They have over 100,000+ feet sellers and millions of fans. They have paid millions this year to creators.


FunWithFeet is a subscription-based platform that is centered on the feet industry. Here you can sell feet by creating a profile that the platform compares against buyer searches. What this entails is that the more relevant your profile is, the more your chances are of being listed in as many buyer search queries as possible.

Being one of the best at what it does, FunWithFeet has over 100,000 feet of content creators. And this enormous content creation base has resulted in the creation of a huge fan base as well. FunWithFeet boasts over 3 million monthly users that visit the site every day.

One good thing about this feel pics selling site is that it does a great job of protecting your privacy. Your collections cannot be accessed or seen unless they are paid for and bought from you. However, there is a catch while working on FeetFinder. You will have to pay a seller fee which is $9.99 for three months or $14.99 for six months if you want your account to stay alive. The platform calls this the listing cost. Your profile will not be listed if you fail to pay this fee.

As for the subscriber’s fee, the platform helps itself to a cut of 20% from your earning which means you don’t get all of what the buyers pay for your content.


Regarding FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans, the latter isn’t predominantly a feet content website. It is an internet content subscription service that started out and is based in London, United Kingdom. The platform is mostly used by sex workers who create pornographic content, but it also has other types of content by creators, such as physical fitness professionals, musicians, and of course, feet content creators. Even though it is not focused on selling feet pics, OnlyFans is probably one of the best services you can use to sell your feet pics.

The site is not just secure but is practically a platform perfect for selling this type of content. Feet content creators can earn money from buyers who subscribe to their content (called the "fans"). This enables them to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis, not just according to their set rate but also as one-time tips and through the pay-per-view (PPV) feature. The creators can be assured that their content is not accessible without prior payment and this reduces the chances of any trouble.

One catch while selling on this platform is that OnlyFans deducts 20% from your subscribers' fee which isn’t much considering the many benefits it provides compared to most other sites.

FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans: The Difference

While both the sites do a good job at providing an exemplary environment for feet pic sellers and buyers, there are certain things that set the two apart. It is your own choice which you’d prefer of the two. There are a number of factors that determine which platform takes the cake in general. Before deciding to sell your feet pics on either of them, take a good look at these points.


In terms of discoverability, it is obvious that a site with fewer content creators would have more discoverability. But in the case of OnlyFans vs FunWithFeet, it is more about the variety of content that is available on the site than the saturation of feet content creators. As OnlyFans isn’t a platform devoted to feet content, there is a lot of other content available on it too. In fact, the most famous creators on OnlyFans are those that are not primarily feet content creators.

Moreover, since compared to most of the content, feet pics are rather non-sensual, in a place like OnlyFans, feet content tends to get buried. On the other hand, FunWithFeet has diverse categories of feet content and is centered on feet content creators. For these reasons, discoverability is relatively more on FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans.

This doesn’t mean that OnlyFans does not earn you anything for selling feet pics. The process may be slow but many people earn hundreds of dollars by selling feet pics on OnlyFans.

Targeted Customer Base

An important thing that matters when you are selling your feet pics anywhere is the customer base you are aiming for. OnlyFans has a mixed customer base. Most people on OnlyFans aren’t looking for feet pics but for something much more graphic (to put it bluntly). There are, of course, those who are willing to pay for some good feet pics but they are a rare sight on OnlyFans.

As for FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans, this is not the case with the former. Everyone that heads to this platform is looking for only one thing; feet. When they browse through your collection, they have a specific thing in mind that they want to buy. They aren’t there for any other content that might distract them.

In case of FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans, the former is superior in this regard. Creators who take it to OnlyFans to sell feet pics would need to get started with something else and then, once they’ve made a name for themselves, they may start selling feet pics. In short, famous OnlyFans models can earn a lot by selling their feet pics there.

Feet Earnings at OnlyFans VS FunWithFeet:

Perhaps the most important factor that determines whether a seller would choose one platform over the other is the amount of money they can make there. It is only obvious that anyone who is doing a side hustle such as selling feet pics would want to make the most out of it by heading to a more profitable site.

For FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans, the latter has a lot of creators with diverse portfolios. As such, prices are low all over the platform. Exclusive content is a different story though. Features such as Pay Per View help sellers increase their earnings a lot. But subscription fees are low, sometimes even zero. Average prices are as low as $3.50 but can also go up to $10.

As for FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans, since the former has nothing but feet content all over the site, in a way it has become a hub for feet lovers who spend extra money to get feet pics. Generally, the prices are no less than $10 and can go up to $30. But this doesn’t mean that every single creator is earning that much. Buyers drift away to some other creator if your content isn’t to their liking. It takes more effort to sell feet pics on FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans.

Quality and Standard

Since feet content is something that is in demand by not just casual feet lovers but also by advertising and modeling agencies, the quality of the content needs to be improved in some cases. Stock photo sites or advertisers need high-quality photos, taken with a good camera, with good lighting, and a good background that sets the mood just right. These things might not be very appreciated by casual feet content buyers who want something raw, unedited, and simple.

OnlyFans isn’t a place where most advertising agencies or stock photo sites would be looking for potential models. Especially if they wanted feet content, they’d prefer a feet-centered platform. As such, the quality of feet content available on OnlyFans is best described as amateur. Creators on OnlyFans do not spend much time tweaking their pictures, especially new, unestablished feet content creators. Considering this, the standard of feet content available on OnlyFans is subpar at best.

In the case of FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans, the opposite is true for the former. Content creators here know that their feet pics are being looked at by a diverse consumer base. They create multiple types of feet content to improve their chances of getting a gig. These creators get custom feet content requests from casual buyers as well as advertising and modeling agencies.

This is another reason why earning is higher on this FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans. Feet content creators need to have good photography skills and a unique style to stay afloat on FunWithFeet.

Chargebacks on OnlyFans Vs FunWithFeet:

A chargeback is a return of money that is directed back to a payment card after a customer who has paid the amount successfully disputes an item on their account statement or transactions report. A chargeback may occur on credit cards, or debit cards (which obviously includes the underlying bank account). Chargebacks can be granted to a cardholder for a variety of reasons but in the case of feet-selling platforms, these are a tool for scammers.

Scammers buy feet pics and immediately do a chargeback to retrieve their money. This means the seller suffers a loss since they don’t earn anything for selling their picture. This has been an especially big issue in the case of OnlyFans which cannot provide any support in case of a chargeback. If a buyer commits this scam, the picture is lost for good and the sellers cannot take any action against it.

While FunWithFeet is relatively secure, in case of a chargeback it doesn’t provide any protection. However, the user can be banned from the platform, and their payment method is rendered useless for future transactions on the platform. Customer support at FunWithFeet isn’t absolutely remarkable but it is better than the one at OnlyFans so if anyone scams another on this platform, they will be dealt with by the site.

FunWithFeet Vs OnlyFans: Conclusion

It seems like OnlyFans is the inferior option as compared to FunWithFeet and this comparison is in line with user reviews. According to Trustpilot, FunWithFeet has a rating of 3.7 stars based on 251 reviews. Out of these, 57% of people voted 5 stars for this platform. As for OnlyFans, it has a rating of 1.5 stars based on 3260 reviews. Out of these, 78% of people voted 1 star, the lowest ranking possible.

According to reviews from users regarding FunWithFeet vs OnlyFans, the latter does not have the best customer service in the world. From unexplained deletion of accounts to scams relating to money, OnlyFans isn’t the most secure platform for selling feet content. FunWithFeet is reported to have a glitchy inbox and subpar customer support, but it fares better when we are talking about FunWithFeet vs. OnlyFans.

As a seller or a buyer, it depends on both your choice and your luck on how much profit you are able to make from either of these platforms. Keeping the cons and the pros in mind might be the greatest help you can lend yourself when deciding on FunWithFeet VS OnlyFans.

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